GlobalSqaure – Grassroots towards, around and beyond the WSF

GlobalSquare is a series of online and physical meetings and assemblies whose participants and organisers are individuals linked to the 15M, Occupy, Student Movements, Yo Soy 132!, Tharek, Idle No More!, VIA22 as well as other movements. Our objective is to prepare a lively open space for physical contact and exchange during the World Social Forum (WSF) which will take place from 26-30 March 2013 in Tunisia where the flames of the global intifada first sparked in January 2011.  We are hoping to enhance collaborations and exchange among citizens and activists who are linked to various movements in different continents by organising collective events and actions towards, around and beyond the WSF.

Within the context of recent horizontal meetings in Madrid, Spain (Agora99) and Florence, Italy (Firenze10+10) a diverse group of individuals active in grassroots movements and networks around the globe started a conversation about participating in the WSF in Tunis. Recognizing it’s value as a time and place to come together, meet, share, and strengthen our networks by exchanging our experiences and practices, we started an open participatory process to prepare for it. Through regular meetings and an inclusive mailing list we have wished to create a space open to a variety of initiatives, especially for participants from the various movements that emerged throughout the last two years (Tunisia, Egypt, Senegal, Morocco, Spain Chile, Usa, Quebec, …..).

Many proposals have been suggested in the past meetings: a series of assemblies, an open space about the future of our struggles, skill-sharing workshops, a camp and a migrant caravan to Tunis, links between local actions and activities and Tunis, and more.

In order to give an extra tool to this process we have started a web site which is important as it allows us to share information, to build up the proposals, to work together in an open, horizontal and transparent way.

On this website you can also find all the relevant information about GlobalSquare like previous discussions, proposals, collaborative pads etc.

We hope you’ll find the idea interesting and if this is the case you are welcome to join our mailing list, our working groups, our on line meetings and preparatory processes.

Practical Information:

To join our process follow this link.

To subscribe our mailing list click here.

The next general Mumble meetings of GlobalSquare in Tunis:

  • Sunday 17th February 2013 
  • Sunday 3rd March 2013     
  • Sunday 17th March 2013

Starting time for the meetings is 19:00 GMT, 20:00 CET, 21:00 IST 

Facilitation of the meetings start half an hour before. If this is your first time it can be good to join in earlier and try to fix possible connection problems.

Where On Mumble: 

Label : Occupii
Server : (has to be written exactly as it is)
Port: 64738
Channel: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE
Nickname: Your name / nick (should be written in regular English letters and   include no numbers)     

How to use Mumble

Mumble  is a voice chat Open Source software (works similar to skype but is not  a corporate tool). Please follow these instructions to get connected.

Open general meetings In Tunis and in Mumble 

  • Monday 25th March
  • Tuesday 26th March
  • Wednesday 27th March 

You can find updated information on all the proposed activities and the schedule of related working groups meetings here.  

How to use Mumble

Mumble  is a voice chat Open Source software (works similar to skype but is not  a corporate tool). Please follow these instructions to get connected. If this is the first time you use Mumble, please try to log in at least half an hour in advance, we will be there to help you.

How to get involved

In case you can’t make it this time, here is an overview of the many ways you can get involved in this initiative!

You are more than welcome to share this message in your networks!

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