Activities in Tunis and everywhere – GlobalSquare

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Activities in Tunis and everywhere

Proposed activities and info to get in touch:

Assemblies in Tunis

Planning series of Assemblies during the WSF in TunisDiscussion group: Assemblies in TunisMinutes from group meetings: 8 FebruarySpace outside the WSF?Planning activities outside the WSF in TunisGroup: Space outside the WSF?Skill-sharing: FacilitationPlanning skill-sharing activities about facilitation in movementsDiscussion group: Skill-sharing: FacilitationMinutes from group meetings: 12 FebruarySkill-Sharing: Media PlatformsPlanning skill-sharing activities about media platforms for actionDiscussion group: Skill-Sharing: Media PlatformsMinutes from group meetings: 12 FebruaryMumble meeting about infrastructure & logistics:To gather more info and bring this to the next general mumble meeting on Sunday 17 February, we are planning a seperate mumble meeting to discuss topics such as: accommodation, organising the place and time for the Monday meeting in Tunis, translation, fundraising, liaising with the WSF, liaising with the Tunisian activists, etcMinutes from group meetings: 7 FebruaryOther groups to support our process and activities:CommunicationGlobal Square & Tunis ExtendedWebsite Development
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