#P2PWikisprint: Southern Europe and Latin America, united by the P2P

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By: Bernardo Gutiérrez 
An indigenous collective of Chiapas, tangled with a co-working space of Quito. A crowd funding platform of Barcelona, ??working with open data movement of Montevideo. A Greek cooperative, inspiring artistic groups of Caracas (and vice versa). A hacktivist group of Madrid, feeding of Rio de Janeiro’s favelas permaculture. A community of free software developers in Buenos Aires, collaborating with Lima based city planners. Cultural groups with hackers. Foundations, together with activists. Copyleft artists + cultural agents. Networked Politics. Open Source Ecology. Open data. Southern Europe, its bottom-up and grassroot movements, united with the buzzling Latin American. Both sides of the Atlantic ocean, twinned by Peer-to-peer (P2P), an open  network topology in which each node is connected to the other without passing through any center. The P2P – with its openness, decentralization and collective empowerment – is not longer something marginal. P2P is philosophy, working trend and a solid reality. P2P is the nervous system of the new world.

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