Support the Global Square gathering of grassroots activists in Tunis!

Several participants of social movements have been lately meeting each other at different spaces during 2012 like Agora99 in Madrid,  Firenze 10+10 in Florence. In Florence we have organized an assembly on the city streets that managed to strengthen the link between the Forum space and the local inhabitants. Moreover we felt useful, participating in the facilitation of the process of the forum itself. Now, we want to do something similar at the World Social Forum. But this time we want to prepare it better. We will need a few phone SIM cards, printing materials and other stuff to make our contribution to the official program of the WSF.

We are organizing, at least:
– a series of assemblies in open spaces within the Forum, with dynamics that will encourage participation. They will be 3 assemblies and, perhaps, one more for the convergence process.
– a few workshops to share our skills on communication tools management, facilitation, the relation between unions and social movements and other topics. In total 5 workshops.

We have managed to obtain free registration, sound infrastructure and translation but we are facing some other expenses like:
– Renting or buying megaphones (around 50 euros).
– Leaflets and other printings (around 100 euros).
– Materials to make banners and graphic register of our process (around 100 euros).
– Two Sim Cards to live stream (100 euros).
– Mailing some materials from our homes (50 euros).
– Unforeseen (around 200 euros).

This project comes out of the experience in Firenze 10+10. We believe our contribution there was valid and that there are reasons for this to be so, that we can keep on contributing to this spaces where movements are created and activists meet.
We believe that grassroots horizontal social movements (such as 15M or the Occupy movement), as well as the spaces for collaboration such as the WSF have something to contribute to the world and that it is important for a link to exist between these two ways of working.

Today, in our meetings to prepare the WSF we are usually around 20 activists from Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Tunisia, France and other places. In our mailing list there are around 200 subscribers. Until now we didn’t count on any budget nor financing but rather found ways to obtain things for free although this time this is just slightly different.


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