Taksim Solidarity – Taksim Dayanışması

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                         RESISITANCE SPEAK UP: REASONS & DEMANDS


This text is written with efforts that aim to detect the reasons and demands of many different people who have gathered in the common ground to give a support to the Taksim Gezi Park Resistance. As a method, the aim of close-knit (face-to-face) working have been explained to the people from many different aspects that came together to resist in the common ground. It was asked them to write down their reasons and demands for resistance. Later on writings of these people were put together. Among those, the ones that consist of humiliating statements were eliminated therefore not stated.


The text aims to reflect the whole picture of the resistance in general and doesn’t necessarily reflect the opinions of individuals or groups specifically.



* I resist against the ruling government’s initiatives upon privacy such as imposing a certain kind of morality, banning of morning after pills, restricting abortion, censorship, etc

* I resist because the ruling government maintains policies upon any kind of discriminations such as gender issues, race, language, sects, worldwide and personal opinions, etc.      

* I resist because I don’t accept being ruled by the majoritarian democracy.

* I resist because I am against sexist policy concepts.

* I resist because I am against “one man” cult

* I resist because I am against totalitarism and its derived practices.

* I resist because I am green and environmentalist. However the government doesn’t pay attention to the reports regarding law, and prefers not to save the nature, but the economy.

* I resist because the extension of neoliberal policies such as education, health and labor are controlled by the capital.

* I resist because I don’t accept the police using brute force against people who use self-defense.

* I resist because I don’t accept the government making the laws which serve his own supporters and pass many of these legislations without discussing with the public as bag bills.

* I resist because I care the rights of human, animals and the nature together with the historical and cultural heritage.

* I resist because I want to protest the police for turning this peaceful demonstrations into a war, the government for giving the order accordingly and the media for reflecting the events as the government wishes.

* I resist because I want this resistance to be known and remembered as a peaceful and uniting public movement.

* I resist because I don’t accept growing censorship on art, freedom of thought and speech.

* I resist because I stand up against the political abuse by using some important symbols and/or names to insult people.     


* I demand the Prime Minister to resign.

* I demand the Project imposed for Gezi Park to be cancelled.

* I demand police terror to be stopped.

* I demand pluralism rather than majoritarity.

* I demand governance rather than “being ruled”.

* I demand an equalitarian political language instead of any kind of sexist and discriminative political language.

* I demand all public places to be open for democratic demonstrations.

* I demand all the parties who intervened the resistance to be announced one by one transparently, put on trial, to resign and/or discharged.

* I demand the people to have a voice on the urban and environmental planning for the city they live in.

* I demand all the data of the people who died, injured and taken into custody to be declared transparently. I demand the data of the people whose names have been taken into the records of the police because of the resistance to be erased. I demand the authorities to announce that they won’t be prosecuted.

* I demand any paramilitary reorganization, if planned, to be cancelled immediately.             

* I demand structural regulations in order to free the media from the yoke of rulling government.  

* I demand to set up an independent commision who will be in charge to investigate the personal assets/wealth of the people who have organic connections with the ruling government, and that  all the results to be declared publicly. I demand all the identified undeserved/unlawful profit to be utilized for the public benefit.

* I demand that this resistance should be taken into account while the new constitution is being prepared, and this should be done urgently.

* I demand that election threshold should be repealed.

* I demand that peace process must not be stopped by protests or justifications of any kind.

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