The Crackdown.

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The long weekend opened up with rain, and closed down with rain again. It washed indiscriminately pavements and barricades, helmets and shields, cops and rebels. But the traces of violence will not be washed away so easily from scarred bodies, broken dreams, and innumerable graphic reports documenting the ‘point of no return’ that the entire chain of command has consciously chose to cross. Their path will be utterly arduous and unsustainable; ours can only widen and rush forward.

In the last weeks, the often-repeated self-evidence has been that “this is not only about the Park”. It is about time to replace it permanently with “this is no longer about the Park”. The sibling of Tahrir, Syntagma, Zuccotti and others, the physical space of Gezi may be lost, but we have found each other everywhere else. The short-lived beacon of hope will ignite countless others. The joyous promenade is over, now we have a long march ahead of us.

Our immediate challenge is to conceive unprecedented tactics that render impossible any return to the creeping, numbing normality of everyday submission. We shall build the common grounds of our defiance with a diversity of tactics, the politicisation of everyday life, the highjacking of the suppressed public space, and the undefeatable ‘insistence on truth’ (Satyagraha). We have to assume that an extensive regime change is now inevitable. Only our perseverance will determine the pace and the shape of this change.

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