Resistance Forums in Istanbul: A Roundup of Discussions, 16-30 June #occupygezi | Take The Square

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The Gezi resistance continues to create its own public spaces. Since the occupation at Gezi Park was forced out by the police on 15 June, public forums (popular assemblies) are being held in over 30 parks around Istanbul in the evenings, as well as in other cities including Ankara, İzmir, Adana, Mersin, Eskişehir. While some of these forums, such as Abbasağa Park Forum in Beşiktaş, and Yoğurtçu Park Forum in Kadıköy, have been held every day since 16 June except for evenings for which demonstrations were scheduled, others take place less frequently but regularly. The different groups and sections of society that make up Gezi resistance meet at the forums to continue self-organizing, to discuss and debate the wider political issues and seek new directions for the resistance movement.

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