Occupy (Inter) National Gathering released a teaser video today. In the video, we see Occupy Sandy volunteers, Om circles and pepper spray. Occupy is not only not leaving, it’s coming back wiser and stronger! PLEASE SHARE WIDELY!

Activists from around the world will gather at the site of the ruined Kalamazoo river to share what they’ve learned over the last year. The video also gives a hint of the daily themes and illustrate what to expect over five days of “Peace. Love and Democracy”

‪#‎NatGat2‬ in Kzoo ~ Video Teaser:

‪#‎NatGat2013‬ #NatGat2013 @Ng2Kzoo ‪#‎Occupy‬ (Inter) National Gathering ‪#‎Kalamazoo‬ 8/21-25

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In other NatGat2 News:

Check out the proposed Venue, The Lamplighter Inn.  Plenty of space to camp, park and gather for activities.


There will be a People’s Parade August 21, the Opening day of the Occupy Wall Street Inter National Gathering: decolonize the 99%, in Kalamazoo, MI.
Bring your creativity and your passion. The Backbone Campaign is coming and sending a few floats!


Global Conversation and 3rd Transnational Mumble Meeting, August 22

On Sunday, July 21, three NGWG planners, from Florida, Vancouver and Western New York,  and two Via22 planners from Montreal joined over 50 people who attended the 2.Transnational Mumble Meeting, a continuation of the 1st Transnational Open Space in Mumble June 27, which brought together 75-80 activists from about 15 countries.  Topics discussed in the various breakout rooms were creating a road map to 15O, and always how to further communication, connectivity, create secure, open and free online spaces and platforms. We had a NatGat2 breakout with about 15 people.  Some of the suggestions from the international community to see during the Aug. 22 online global conversation:

– ask for translators and have a list of volunteers.
– connect to the weekly Occupy Weekly Press Briefly,  held on InterOccupy’s  conference call system 3pm Thursdays
– reportbacks from other movements
– skill share of stories from other movements, even ones earlier to hear what worked
– with global conversation, make report of tactics that worked on the streets, then record and share widely
– mobile research project that has pieces that can be broken down and worked on by many in different countries

On August 22, NatGat2′s Global Conversation will take place as the 3rd Transnational Mumble meeting with the help of Via 22 and many other international activists who work  mostly on the ground in their communities, but have a fever to connect to the wider global community to learn, support, grow networks and strength from our mutual struggles and develop next steps.

Please join us at  2 PM ET, 1800 GMT/UTC on the occupytalk mumble server, Open Space channel.  Join the growing team of translators, note takers, stack watchers, writers, social media and website folks it takes to make such a conversation possible.  To get involved in the global conversation planning, please join the email list, or contact us at natgat2013@gmail.com.

The 22nd is also the Media Convergence day. Please come and contribute your media skills!  Livestreamers, writers, tweeters, open source venues, techies…. To schedule a presentation, teach-in or skill share for any convergence, to volunteer for support roles on the ground, or to Endorse the National Gathering, please use this form.


Mark Taylor Canfield counters the usual media boycott, siting a few examples of how the Occupy movement has been active in the United States:

Occupy Tuscaloosa – tornado relief efforts in Oklahoma
Occupy Sandy relief efforts continue in NY and NJ
Occupy Vermont event addresses the NSA’s PRISM Surveillance program.
Occupy Medical, Eugene, Ore has received referrals from the Veteran’s Administration hospital and from the county. for their free medical services.


Endorsements this week

Tweet received today from @OccupyRPChicago: Occupy Rogers Park-Chicago has formally consensed upon endorsing the (inter)NatGat
Occupy Baton Rouge endorses and is trying to send a few people.
Occupy Disabled , Occupy NOLA, Occupy Gainesville, Street School Collective VT, Occupy Baton Rouge, Occupy Rogers Park-Chicago, OccuStock, Occupy Southern Indiana, Occupy Disabled and Occupy WNC also endorse.

Facebook Event

The Occupy National Gathering, like all Occupy events, strives to be free and provide Mutual Aid for essentials like food, water, sanitation, housing, transport, media and support. All services are provided free by volunteer teams and participants., but we could sure use your help with unavoidable cash costs! Please Donate!

Check Out our upgraded hub on InterOccupy.

Contact Us:  natgat2013@gmail.com


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