The Peoples’ Real Intervention for Peace, in Peace! From #1S and #15O to #5N and beyond

The International Road to Dignity Reloaded 

The real ‘International Community’, we, the one composed of real peoples not corporations and the tiny minority of an mechanical heartless elite, considers this time to intervene simultenously and pecasefully in the US, UK, France, Canada, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands, Israel, Turkey, Russia, China, Syria, Egypt, Bahrain, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy…. and everywhere for the real peace, and against the class wars targeting masses everywhere, which  have launched by 1% and intensified since 2008 crisis of capitalism!

Call from Turkey to stand against the War on September 1st, World Peace Day:

Hand in Hand for the World Peace

All the parks, forums and chapullers calls for a world wide uprising for peace and to resist this time to the class wars  on people all countries and between countries; in Turkey, in Syria, in Egypt, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Europe, in Russia, in China,… in all the regions of World!

Here are the long lists of marching convergence events, spaces and global mobilisations for freedom, justice, equality, real democracy and emancipation from the opression, racism, discrimination, injustice and facism -on the international road to dignity!

List of planned actions, meetings and events being prepared by various social movements

WSF 2013 Calendar:

AND the Anonymous Call to Action: #Nov5th 2013 — the Lion Sleeps No More

Anon masks

#5N Map:

Photo: <><>

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