Hub Meeting 2013 – Barcelona [En, It, Es]

We see the mobilization period around October 15 as a period in which to implement inclusive forms and at the same time, radical social strike, breaking strategies and times settled by the official unions in a compatibilist direction, be able to motivate and connect people and groups in a broad transnational scale.

It is clear that this will not be possible without rejecting the delegation and representation systems in place, which are what nourish corruption systematically and speculation in all territories that are part of the global economic network. This rejection requires massive response and most synchronized blunt possible through all forms of organization and effective opposition developed until the date against the dictatorship of austerity.

From the reappropriation of direct and indirect income to block metropolitan infrastructures, through the breakdown of regulatory mechanisms in schools, universities and workplaces of old and new generation. All these organized actions must fit within a single goal oriented on common interests and not individual or sectoral ones. Only in this way we create the conditions to promote active inclusiveness and disseminate ideas, expressions and common practices necessary beyond the virtual communication.

Experiences like Gezi massive Parki or Arab Spring show the potential glue that has the struggle for the reappropriation of urban spaces as nuclei confluence, release and multiplication of the struggle within the cities . A fight can break the mold of “normal capitalism” and to encourage collective thinking into new control and management practices in the territory. Spending proposals to immediately executable actions that can displace the institutions and means of standardization, and therefore neutralization of struggles.

In this sense, to stake on transnational social strike on October 15 open in all globalized terriories the possibility that the exploited and marginalized by neoliberal policies can be recognized in forms of collective opposition and organize their own future within the framework of Global Change that we pursue since 2011. All this outside the framework of a time constraint, such as that of a simple demonstration, with the goal of creating a different kind of temporal relations based on solidarity and collective time permanent and universal for all countries in struggle.

With the aim of developing forms and social strike action, the social center La Dispersa host the next 13-15 September, the Hub Meeting Barcelona 2013, designed as a workspace and exchange for those individuals and groups interested in promoting social strike worldwide. You can see the event program here and sign up to have accommodation here.


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