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The Alter Summit in Athens was a first important step in the setting up of a European social movement able to exercise a power relation and defend a real democracy against austerity. Now the Alter Summit coordination have to implement its decisions and decide together on the future of the process.

The next European meeting of the Alter Summit coordination committee will take place on Friday, October 18 (2 PM – 6 PM) and Saturday, October 19 (9 AM – 5 PM) in Brussels. Meeting during which we will decide on joint actions which will be carried out by the Alter Summit network in 2013-2014.This European Assembly takes place just after the “Soziales Europa Forum” meeting on October 17 and 18 (AM) in the European Parliament in Brussels. For additional information about the “Soziales Europa Forum”, please contact Klaus Dräger via email strategic Seminar on Austerity will take place in Amsterdam, October 4 to 6.A blockupy preparation meeting will take place on October 25-27, FrankfurtHealth Platform : official adoption of a list of our demands at a European meeting in December. Contact : Yves Hellendorff : yves.hellendorff@acv-csc.beOn the negotiations about a transatlantic USA-EU agreement, a reaction is under way. Contact : Bruno Ciccaglione :

Three working groups were set up on July 8 :

An evaluation and functioning working group is created for gathering and synthesizing the evaluations of the members of the AS on the objectives and on the process, and makes proposals for reviewing our methodologies and functioning

Contact : Alexandra Strickner (mail

An assembly and actions working group is created for gathering the outcomes of the assemblies, synthetizing them, and for making proposals in terms of concrete proposals, actions, and of the role of the assemblies

Contact : Felipe Van Keirsbilck (mail

A communication and enlargement working group is created to continue the work on communication, to map the next European mobilizations in the months to come and make contacts with European movements and networks that still are not aware of what the Alter Summit is.

Contact : Sol Trumbo (mail

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