What is the Garnet Tide ?
Garnet Tide is a transnational movement formed by immigrants from Spanish nationality who struggle from outside against the causes that have led to the economic and social crisis has forced us to migrate .
Our collective born in the heat of other social movements appeared in Spain in recent years. We are extending these out of the country. Our Tide is maroon , like the color of our passports , our symbol of forced migration .
Why do we fight ?
Our current situation as immigrants is a direct result of the economic policies and increasing social injustice carried out in Spain . Corruption , encouraged by unscrupulous system , both nationally and globally, we stole our nonexistent space and democracy , our voice. A minority sick of greed , makes decisions that belong in their own exclusive benefit. Denounce the current role of the Troika (EU , ECB and IMF) and the vote prayed .
We call analyze and denounce the destructive consequences of the current economic system : first , identifying the causes that have led us to abandon our hometowns , our families and our friends on the other hand , highlighting the difficult living conditions of migrant people .
We are aware that ours is not an isolated struggle , that the causes which have led us out of Spain are no strangers in other countries so that we build bridges with local groups around us. Moreover, there are other groups of immigrants in our host countries with whom we collaborate creating a mutual support network for new arrivals . Garnet Tide crystallizes a sentiment shared by difference.
How are we organized ?
We are a horizontal movement that meets regularly to face and virtual meetings , both locally and globally. Encourage new forms of participation , self -organization and rights beyond borders. To do this, we are weaving a web of international cooperation , joining other initiatives in order to build a just and without insecurity .
Our actions are characteristic elements of non-violence , mutual respect , self- organization , solidarity and the common good .
How I can participate in the Garnet Tide ?
We assume that everyone has a lot to contribute . If you’ve had to migrate local group join the Garnet Tide . If not, we encourage you to create one.
If you are in Spain , we invite you to give visibility to our movement.




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