#OccupyGezi Reloaded – #DirenODTU! They are afraid of us!

Media preview

municipality trucks entering the ODTÜ forest

Since most of the students are in vacation due to 9-day holiday and cannot resist, Ankara Municipality grasps the opportunity and starts to cut down the trees in order to build a highway. Despite an ongoing judiciary process, AKP’s Ankara Municipality is keen on having a-fait-accompli strike at the forest.

A video from the scene:

ODTÜ rector revolts against Ankara municipality, says night-time construction raid ‘illegal’

‘ODTÜ does not approve the midnight raid nor consider it a good-willed approach. What’s been done is entirely illegal,’ Ahmet Acar said

Protesters plant trees where Ankara municipality cut them down on ODTÜ land

Demonstrators gathered near ODTÜ to protest the night-time construction raid through planting new trees where they had been cut down…



ODTÜ shows no lesson learned: EU’s envoy

The debate over a controversial road construction on the ODTÜ’s land shows that ‘some people have not learned their lessons,’ according to EU Ambassador to Turkey

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This guy with the bat is claimed to be sent by Ankara Municipality. via @EratalaySevinc

Main opposition CHP reveals report on jailed deputies

Turkey’s main opposition party CHP unveils its report ‘Scream of a Country with a Jailed Will’ criticizing the imprisonment of deputies. Seven veins of the Parliament are blocked, CHP says

Istanbul police stage intervention against protesters supporting ODTÜ demos

Tension escalated in Istanbul after police staged an intervention against a group gathered in Beyoğlu

Protester blocks road with car to protest ODTÜ road project

A protester parked her car in the middle of an Ankara road to block the traffic to protest ODTÜ road project


They are afraid all of us! #DirenODTU


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