Workers Organizing for Power in New York City: Join the network of Solidarity

Dear Technoshaman,

Over the course of the 20th Century, the workers who made up the labor
movement in America transformed the country. Hard-fought battles by brave
unionists improved working conditions at their jobs and for everyone, by
setting higher standards and winning a minimum wage, a 40 hour work week,
health and safety legislation, and banning the criminal and not uncommon
use of child labor.

When workers unite to form unions or workers’ centers and organize on the
job, they improve their wages or benefits, find well-springs of courage and
confidence, and demand more respect at work. Workers have a natural power
and it comes from their place in production; if they stop work, the
employer cannot run the business.

A more militant workers' movement is growing in the U.S. and around the
world. Workers are risking their jobs to demand justice at their workplace
and in their communities, concretely improving their own lives and helping
build a more equitable society for all.

Gaining power for workers means organizing, building leadership skills,
research, and actions like pickets, leafleting, strikes, boycotts,
slow-downs, assemblies and civil disobedience – all in the service of
fighting and winning campaigns against the 1%.

Want to learn more? Check out 99
information on worker organizing campaigns around NYC!

99 Pickets provides an ongoing forum to find out about labor organizing in
the City and acts as a solidarity network of activists who plan creative
actions and other events in support of campaigns. Their goal is to help
workers improve their working conditions, build a culture of solidarity,
and grow the worker’s movement in New York City. 99 Pickets has
monthly meetings
are gatherings of workers and activists from campaigns all over the city.

Interested in organizing for better working conditions where you work?

Occupy Your Workplace: Organizing

Saturday, Nov 16th, 10am – 4pm, Judson Church, 55 Washington Square South.
(Enter at 239 Thompson Street)

Please join Occupy Your Workplace and the New York City branch of the
Workers of the World
a fun, interactive training on organizing your workplace and/or in
community. We will briefly discuss the types of workplace organizing, why
each is different and important and what the future of workplace organizing
could look like. We will also cover the differences between a mainstream
union and a syndicalist union, the stages of an organizing campaign,
gathering contacts, mapping the workplace to understand social dynamics,
and the building of an organizing committee. We will spend much of the day
working on our organizing conversation skills, i.e. conducting a
conversation that flows naturally from Agitation to Education to
Inoculation, and finally to the importance and how-to of Organizing and
forming a Union (AEIOU).

Join us.

— from your Occupy


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