Networked Labour | Networking and collaboration toolkit that we use

imece imageNetworked Labour was an outcome of an international seminar held in Amsterdam between 7-9 May 2013. The seminar was initially supported by Networked Politicstransform! europeTransnational Institute and IGOPNET (Institut de Govern the Polítiques Públiques).

At the end of the seminar several ideas have emerged one of which was to improve this web space and try to transform it into a transnational and distributed network space, through which all of us could build new ties and expand our nets of collaboration.


Our current work will be focusing on the changing worlds of labour and production, emerging new movements, political actors and their politics. We wish to discuss, and exchange theoretical, political and practical knowledge and ideas on these topics as well as in relation to the accelerating developments in the ICTs. Hopefully such efforts and collaboration would create new synergies by bringing together contributors, observers and participants to the recent social changes, innovation, movements, protests, and mobilizations. We believe this will enable us  to increase our collective understanding of the new possibilities emerging in front of us  for a radical social change.

If you are interested in joining or following this open discussion you can do this by simply choosing any one or more channels listed below. We are looking forward to explore the change together!

  • NetworkedLabour E-list: Register to our email list here
  • Social Network on the  Send a request email (to orsan1234 at gmail dot com) in order to register to the closed social network embedded in this website. Then you could start a work group or join any one created by others, post on the collective blog wall, share files, take up editorial and/or administrative role in shaping the form, functions and the content of this open space. These are the main sub-parts of our embedded social network: Groups Directory  Activity  Members
  • Facebook Page: The Facebook page is a tool for expanding in the debate by spreading calls, papers, events, and other info posted on our blog or the email list, within the groups of the embedded social network on our web site etc. While we could expand in the public sphere, in return we would be able to get feedbacks and info from Facebook to the blog and so on.
  • Facebook Group: Facebook groups are very useful to expand and strengthen ties amongst the nodes, by allowing a continuous exchange,. debate, so producing and sharing information. Along the day.
  • Collaborative Pad: To gather suggestions, ideas, links, or whatever relevant information would it be, from those who are not or choose not be on Facebook, Twitter, Email list  etc., as well as those who simply doesn’t have time to register the website and to add posts on the blog or any other spaces on the website by themselves. So others would harvest shared information on the pad, to locate related spaces and spread wider.  Please do not hesitate to use the pad it is very simple and it saves automatically what ever text you have written on it!  
  • Scoop.It: Is a app to harvest links from the Net and very useful in creating an increased ripple effect when you want to spread viral via your online networks. When we will scoop the posts from our blog, it will  be posted automatically on the Facebook page and the Twitter account of NetworkedLabour and reach out the followers and their networks.
  • TwitterTo even widen the range of reach out for the information we like to spread, and increase the possibility to expand our collaboration.
  • Online meetings, trainings and exchange webinars…. coming soon!

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