Many Struggles One Hashtag (#WWW) – Preparing a nonviolent Mesh Social Network Strike to hit PRISM, NSA, GCHQ and their contractors

2. World Revolutionary Forum for WorldWide Wave of Action

Many Struggles One Hashtag (#WWW) – Preparing a nonviolent Mesh Social Network Strike to hit PRISM, NSA, GCHQ and their contractors

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SubTags: #WREF, #M1N5, #PayMe

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Hosted by GNUnion – One Big Meshwork for All the Working People

Mumble Server: Occupy Talk
Label: Occupii
Server: (has to be written exactly as it is)
Port: 64738
Channel: #WREF – World Revolutionary Forum
Nickname: Your name/nick

How to join in a Mumble call?

If need help about using Mumble please ask beforehand by using one of the channels here:

First call: 16 January 2014, Sunday
Time: 13:00-15:30 PM (UK time)
Next meetings will take place on 3rd Sundays of each month, at the same time same space

To those who are new to Mumble, it is recommended to download, install and test the software beforehand, and to join meeting room 15-30min before the meeting time, in order to avoid out any technical problem that might occur!


2014 will be full of struggles, actions and mobilisations for a real global change too. This Mumble call is part of a call for starting series of forums and assemblies that are open to all individuals who will able to make independent efforts from any corporate, state and NGO funded agenda and; who could be exactly themselves when changing the world, when getting together, discussing and collaborating with others; either as a part of a collective, group, network or individually, and by using either online, or face to face means, or both at the same time.

We want to put forwards and link our plans, activities and actions to each other while making new ones collectively in order to create globally connected action waves and human ties in 2014. Believing that horizontal and grassroot assemblies and forums have the power to do so; we ultimately would like to create and realize positive, creative, constructive, joyful and clear visions and practices that can stop the disastrous and elitist political and economic system and go beyond it. Before it spoils the entire life and turn the planet into a global tyranny!

This first mumble call was held with above perspective with limited participation. This second call will try to bring efforts to organise ourself in order to set forth a mass strike to push down FB and other Prism contractors on their neeze in front of the people they have been abusing. Proposed program is open to any collaboration here:

The first call also symbolical challanged the elitist World Economic Forum (WEF) opening in Davos on the same day (22-25 January 2014). More than a decade ago, the same challenge was posed by WSF and has created strong meme. Anyone feel like to repose the challenge at the 1% is welcome, please feel free to join us and spread the word!

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