2dh5-festival for activists and world-changers Jan 31- feb 2 in The Hague

Global-Uprisings-Booklet---kees-1The Hague will be the venue for the 9th edition of the 2dh5-festival. Almost 10 years ago we started organizing such a festival because we thought it would be good to organize space for the exchange of information and knowledge about methods, tactics and strategies to achieve change. The name 2dh5 stems from a bold and mostly fatal chess move.

We like to move around with the festival and choose a new city every second year. This time it will be held in the capital of the Low Countries, The Hague. The main program (two days of workshops and presentations) will be in neighborhood center Sam Sam in the Schilderswijk, near train station Holland Spoor (Van Mierisstraat 226). The workshops are about many different subjects, from art and juridical struggle, to migrants issues, historical developments and the significance of analysis. Some workshops are very practical (preparing for next blockupy, destroying amazon.com, safety on internet) while others are more theoretical. See the program on the website: http://www.2dh5.nl/den-haag-2014/programma

The theme of this festival is the importance of history for actual movements and activists.

The festival is all DIY and low-budget, but we also try to ‘offer quality’. But we expect participants to help out and play an active role in the program.

The festival already starts on Friday January 31 with a quiz and some cultural fun at another place (De Pander-Bar, Binnendoor 32, at 20:00)

On Saturday evening there will be a party, with also some serious elements. The main theme will be the 20th anniversary of the Zapatista insurrection (and all the other insurrections they inspired). This will be in De Vinger-bar, Bagijnestraat 25)

But workshops and presentations will continue at Sam Sam on Sunday again. The Sunday program starts with a lecture given by Dennis Bos, Historian from the University of Leiden, on the awkward relation between radical movements and the parliamentarian institutions in The Hague.

We ask for a participation fee of 5 euro, and we serve food at cost prices.

We urge people who want to stay overnight to find lodging with friends, but can offer rudimentary sleeping place (if people bring a camping mattress and sleeping bag, and  register at: slaapplek@2dh5.nl)

Some workshops will be in English, but most are in Dutch. If wanted we will try to provide a whisper-translation-corner at each workshop.


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