The way out of Global War and Crisis is Floss and Transnational Revolutions: Not Capitalism, not Imperialism, not Liberalism. not Social Democracy, not Fascism, not Stalinism, not top-down Anarchism

Intra-capitalist class struggle between globalist, regionalists and nationalist fractions as well as the political-state class alliances they have formed, which are also divided amongst themselves, is getting fierce. We eye witness bloody results of this fight for power in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Bahrain, Somalia, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Caucasus, Africa, South America and everywhere. Certain fractions of these alliances fund certain NGOs and unions, sometimes all sides of the ideological spectrum. Soros, Ford, US Aid, Rockefeller, EU funds, and so on use most of the time public money, to co-opt NGOs and unions located in the US as well as in Europe and periphery, and that occupy opposing political positions. So given an intra-capitalist class struggle through civil society networks and in a similar way, and in parallel to, that of given through the mainstream media. Soros-like funders as well as those state funders have been supporting apparently radical and progressive organisations or projects such as TOR, EFF, TNI, Amnesty, WFF, Greenpeace, as well as self-claimed Occupy groups, in the centre but also in the periphery. Although these funding practices have been justified for the sake of ‘war of manoeuvre’, so changing the world with molecular steps towards better world, especially after the 2008 crisis this approach have been triggering a back fire by fuelling oil in fire; hence steering the intra-elite struggles towards fascism and war.

The real and may be only remaining solution before the global war or wide spread fascism to happen, is to turning towards, what can be called is a ‘non-violent war of movement’ at this point of time. It also requires rejection of all kinds of funds offered generously to progressive ‘forces’ by certain capital-state elite fractions. There is also need a publicly decryption of all those NGO, union, and civil society alliances accepting cash or material support in order to pursue their ‘projects’, in exchange invaluable ‘independency’. Therefore accepting a subordinate position to a grand strategy of one or another capital-state elite fraction. This in turn aggregate the inner elite fight. Once may be a working strategy therefore has turned into a dangerous Faustian bargain, which is being rationalised today only to justify the need of the NGO-union cadre or intellectuals to stay on the safe side financially, the malicious comfort zone, undermining if not demolishing political independency. We now, yet urgently need to self-reach at a creative consciousness of the fact that we, the people, the 99%, all are indeed turned into functional parts of a global production-service-commodity chains and networks, in real life as well as on cyberspace. We are the global working class, who is put at work by direct or indirect force implemented by capital and political elite through corrupt bourgeois state and its entire apparatus. All of us, the working people, who possess nothing then our mental and manual labour in order to sell and reproduce out lives to survive shall unit as autonomous individuals, collectives or organisations, and organise globally. We can do this, we can unite and strike back creatively, using our collective global brain. If we can do it before the Net is demarcated and collapsed back into national territorially enclosed spaces, war is started and spread and fascism raised as to dominate the week, so most of us start perishing, being forces to kill each other unwillingly, for the wrong doings and greedy fight f the 1%; we can still turn the tide and win! All we need is to link up stronger, in total solidarity and connectivity, with each other and other living beings on the planet. This would force the %1 to unite amongst themselves against ‘us’ the Humanity and slow down their internal sneaky wars, which leading more and more towards fascism and destructive nuclear threat, aside.

If we get ourselves organised, to build a distributed and globally connected working class agency; egalitarian and horizontal mesh networks of individuals, collectives, organisations through which we could collaboratively draw and lead the way towards clear, feasible and vision of future, without wars and exploitation, we can  also make this reality by overcoming this futile global class warfare.. It depends on us as always, let’s do this!

Another World Now! 


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