#WWW – #MMM: WorldWideWikistrike to save the WorldWideWeb and to stop the WorldWideWar(III)

#WWW Waves – Mareas – (light) particules – ‘I agree’ (in mumble general assembly protocol) – WorldWideWeb – #MMM millionmaskmarch (upsidedown)….

Worldwide Wave of Action

You name and organise your action! You decide when and where to prepare and launch. and  you deicde how to lead and end your actions.. as it should be!

#WWW is a Wiki direct action, which means it is made and continiously remade by all its individual and autonomous nodes, ties and hubs. It is a mesh networked strike cerated by total and absolute autonomous forces acting in harmonic connectivity. All the nonviolence, anti sexist, anti racist, anti fascist, anti autoretarian, anti homophobic, anti elitist, pro revolutinary and pro evolutionary actions and nodes are us…

From MLK to May Day, from 15M to 17S, from 15O to Nov5th we will be waving across the wolrd together as ONE large Tsunami fomred by outraged naive and good people, shouting enough is enough, but also building another world from today…

Expect Us!

#ManyStrugglesOneHashtag – GNUnion

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