Unite the Union’s USI mediates the established union world entering into the networked organising (networganizing) era

The below are Google Hangout videos taken from the USI’s website:

i. Hack the Union from US interviews with Andrew of Union Solidarity International: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=4U4FNAkZtSc

ii.  A small step for unions, but a giant step for global labour
emancipation?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=k6BmWC5lr8Y

This following link is to a nice article by Walton Patland introducing the ON platform:

The Organizing Network is built by a USi as a free node on Lorea network. In this framework they also, in collaboration with MayFirst/People Link from Americas, allocate data space on their servers to run free libre and open source distance education software BigBlueButton (BBB) and provide it for the use of their members and grassroots social justice and labour activist. BBB as a teleconferencing tool allows -if there is a date space enough to handle the traffic- online face to face and audio communication for infinite number of participants. This means, if well organised, it may allow mass self-organising, education, strategizing platform for workers and activists so that they could work and interact more efficiently from a distance. BBB also allows its users to record the meetings, use screen sharing and power point presentation, file sharing and multi lingual chat during the meetings. In case the new technology, which is currently in progress, for online simultaneous interpretation also incorporated to this platform, I can’ t see any reason for this project becoming the germ form for the mesh networks that could d pull and interlock transnational labour, social justice and free information activist networks to each other. This might be a big step enabling these networks to (netw)organise globally and link knowledge workers and manual labours across the commodity-production networks lying on the global north and south nexus, and let the general intellect of the collective worker gain its self-consciousness.

There are already several active work groups created on USi’s ON, can be seen here: https://on.usilive.org/groups/all


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