MayFirst Meta-Stirke preparation assembly call, on BigBlueButton (USi), 16 March 2014, 13.00 GMT

Networganize and GNUnite to Knock-out PRISM!

Assembly call and information on ON workgroup:

FB event:

Working Pad:


The target of the meeting is not to figure out or discuss overall organisational tactics or strategies but to create commons tools for all autonomous groups’ use, so all networks which would invovle on the road can benefit and adopt to their self-determined strategy and tactics.   Please invite interested with relevant skills for the preperatorty meeting which is taking place on the 16th of march, on Union Solidarity International’s BigBlueButton (BBB) server, which is hosted by May First-People Link. To join the meeting you do not need to download any software.

How to Join:

1. Browse to 

2. Login, register or connect via one of your social media accounts.

3. Scroll-down and see on the right hand column ‘BIGBLUEBUTTON’ window.

4. Chose ‘Austerity in Greece’ in the ‘Meeting:’ bar and click join

Proposed agenda:

0. Intro round and agenda formation

The below are some initial tasks needs to be discusses and taken further.

1. Collection and creation of pool for strike ideas

2. Collection and creation of material, audio, video, posters, caps..

3. Preparing basic multi-lingual networked-pads for twitter storm and facebook mob. teams

4. List of large accounts, bloggers, media links

5. Intelligence working group on PRISM contractors

Join in our other transnational networganizing efforts in progress…

GNUnion – Global Networked Labour Union

GNUnion networks and organizes at the same time, in order to mesh networks of like-minded peers, linking them and their bases each other strategically. She strives to build dynamic, free, libre, and open source spaces, collective agendas and strategies to act upon in a harmonized way.

GNUnion encourages her peers to collectivize their individual, social, productive and communicational power to swarm around dynamical, creative and positive actions and campaigns. In a way such collective efforts would create impacts at unpredicted magnitudes, regardless how large and powerful are the chosen targets.

Combining peer to peer social relations and technologies and embedding them into all its internal and external processes and relationships, GNUnion ultimately aims at hyper-empowerment of all the nodes involved in her mesh network. Below are some of the spaces we have been building on N-1, and ON an online social network spaces developed as free nodes using Lorea code.

Social Network-, Wiki-, Meta- Strikes

Priority objectives of the strikes will be forcing the state elite and capital to hand-off private and public data, and to stop abusing people and violating democratic rights, for their commercial and tyrannical gains. The action will reclaim what is ‘social’ and belong to people in societal communication and bring about mass awareness about using FLOSS!

We will try to bring high-tech and industrial workers, hackers, system admins, digital artists and justice activists and their powers coming from production, consumption, communication and knowledge -so a being social individuals and society.

Working Groups on ON and N-1,


Work groups will initially scan and analyze the leaked documents that are released by Wikileaks, like the Global Intelligence Files as well as other groups like Anonymous, GlobalLeaks. What will we be looking for in such meta-data will be about violations against producer, designer, users and consumer rights; such as stolen data, planned obsolescence, illegal and dangerous material use, capture and misuse of user-costumer data including selling the data to companies, production related threats to workers and public health. We will turn raw information into secure campaign intelligence, either to use in global collaborative actions we will launch, or feed-in and support ongoing union actions. In cases where there is an already organized independent union active, weather in the main company or its subsidiary, we will support their actions by designing and forging global online viral campaigns. Furthermore we will networgansie multi-lingual whistle-blowing activities, primarily targeting largest TNC networks.

Working Groups on ON and N-1,


Using global chain mapping tools and mapeo method to create a network of user-worker-designer groups in order to recover the knowledge of entire production lines and supply chains incorporated from them by the management systems such as Taylorist, Kaizen, or Quality Chamber type of worker-society control mechanisms.

Working group on ON


GNUnion will help all other forms of unions at all organizational levels (base-membership-shop floor level-organization, management) in order to realize necessary organizational and networked transformations and to become hyperempowered organized networks strongly connected to the grassroots and society. We provide unions with cutting edge resources, links, ties, actions, exchanges, social media skill-sharing and self-education campaigns.

Working Group on ON

Transnational Solidarity with Occuppied Factories

This group will strive to support transnational solidarity networks being formed between occupied factories around the world, with resources, actions, exchanges, social media skill-sharing and self-education campaigns.

Working Group on ON

*This is an open collaborative event, do not hessitate spreading the word in your networks, towards independant unions, labour organisers, social justice activists, Occupy, 15M, Gezi, and BRevolution assemblies and beyond!

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