Global and distributed network of (manual-mental) working class, (h)activist and oppressed people’s networks is needed

Tayyip Erdogan have chosen place his bet on dictatorial move, to raply increasing attacks coming from international Gulen cult / movement, Islamic version of the Moon Cult. AKP (un)Government finally shut herself in the head by shutting down Twitter this morning after midnight, and adding Turkey in the short list of dictatorial regimes.

Being linked to anti-communist underground networks organised by Gladio, the Gulen Movement has instrumental for the Western imperialism in the 70s and the 80s. The Cult got upgraded in the 90s in order to be used in the instalment of controlled market friendly soft-islamic regimes, in countries surrounding Russia, India and China, Malaysia being most notable example. The Cult was getting organised steadily in the army, and state appratus for decades. After the big banking crisis of 2001, they teamed up with the reformist wing of the anti Western-Islamist Milli Gorus, which had ties with Muslim Brothers, and played a major role both in the collapse of the current goverment and in the formation of the AKP as a new party. This coalition recieved support by both left and right liberals during the first half of the 2000s for their steps towards braking down the ancient regime; the old-boys elite network that controlled the state and the market till then. This earlier ruling coalition, or historical block, had been composed of military-bureaucratic elite and capitalist hierarchy -under the leadership of the Koc family. Although Erdogan-Gulen-Liberals coalition managed to alter the old boys, timing of the 2007- 2008 global crisis was bad. The crisis have demarcated similar kinds of coalitions worldwide and have put the global geopolitics under increasing stress. In a many national contexts, that are located in the new imperial frontiers of North Africa, inner-Asia, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, those involved in similar coalitions have turned towards each other and fought, holding on the parts of the state apparatus they captured. The same has happened in Turkey bringing the state vs. state, the deep state vs parallel stat, starting a process that delegitimises all sides involved as well as the stateness itself.

The situation increasingly gives a cold war like view, with two crucial differences though. First one is the absence of an ideological contender before capitalism and the capitalist state. Secondly, the presence of social neworking sites like Facebook, Google + and Twitter. Although the ownership of these firms themselves are taking part in this cold war like rivalry, being populated by hundered of millions of people they provide a large public space through which the dark face and dirty clothes of all fractions of the ruling classes, so called the 1%, are massively spread around. They also provided the social opposition of any type, and globally, with useful tools to train themselves in online transnational organising, in developing creative and distributed revolts. Allowing real time feed backs that contribute in the learning process, enabling ruled masses to build a global manoeuvre war against the delegitimising rulers of the global capitalism.

This last counter offence of Erdogan is not only to challenge his local oplitical rivals, it is clearly a parto of a transnational intra-class struggule, part of a global chess game being played harsher at the imperial frontiers on the board. It might either push towards a corrective inter-elite war, addding on top of the tension increasing between Russia,China and the West, or spark public launch of a worldwide class war between the rulers and the ruled. Comparing the compact and fragile state of the %1, capitalists and rulers that are ready to eat each other, and diffused and distributed state of %99, the ruled and oppressed multitude of working classes seeking channels and protocols to build a genuine global solidarity, it gets difficult to hope for the latter.

However there is no point in hoping alone. What we urgently need to is find a way to stand together, collaborate, and act in solidarity!

Many Struggles one Hashtag: #WaveofAction 

Another World Now!

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