Global, networked, and united wikistrikes: GNUnion call for a ride with the Worldwide #Waveofaction


Global Networked Labour Union (@GNUnion)

May-First Meta-Stike Organising Group on Lorea Organizing Network

Worldwide Wace of Action (#Waveofaction)

Dreaming of and becoming a worldwide wiki-strike 

4.4.2014 – Worldwide launch by greeting Martin Luther King

May First – All the Fists unite aginast PRISM and corporate capture of the Net (of Everything)

Nov 5th – Billions Rising for Life, Peace and Justice on Earth

We shall be decommodifing the Commons and

building FLOSS backed P2P and grassroots solidarity economy networks  

Since 2010-2011 we have been rising from bottom to up in Athens, Paris, Wisconsin, Tunis, Cairo, Madrid, New York, Tel-Aviv, Rio, Istanbul and everywhere… we have been making millions of new connections around the planet, learning through our networks and linking them on the ground!

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