#MayFirst #MetaStrike: Take part in six moth long global and systemic hackaton to take down the Prism, fascism, capitalism, imperialism, racism, sexism and war

Considering the total enclosure of the Internet, the enslavement of mass free labor on it, and the rise of meta-data Orweillian society, what should one make of celebration of the rise of the Internet of Everything (IoE) or Industrial Internet and calling for the demise of capitalism by people like Jeremy Rifkin! What would be Rifkin’s advise to his ruling class clients, but more importantly why the neoconservatives and Chinese state class elite pay him high compensations?

The ruling elite way of dealing with the problem of ‘near zero marginal costs’ has been massive exploitation of zero labor cost (free labor). Now they like to capture free labor in the physical world by connecting devices and people “putting them at work on the move” -as Cisco and GE founders of the Industrial Internet Consortium publicly declare. While the translation of this ideal is the objectification of entire living labor and commons (should be read as human) to a global production process, why Rifkin celebrates this! If the plan is clearly to giving IP addresses to 50 billion devices in coming 10 years to form the IoE infrastructure, making it is possible a global scale surveillance an most logical outcome would be the total exploitation of artificially constructed happy playbouring produsers who would be living in sterile smart cities. As for the masses, there shall not be need for an hegemonic governance like bourgeois parliamentarian model what so ever in this new digital world. It has become clear by now that this ambitious capitalist project has the potential to replace the ancient industrial capitalism. It is certain by now that the fall of capitalism as we know it won’t be quite and painless. The attempt towards realizing this transition has brought about imperialist peripheral wars. If one look to the fierce clashes between Russian, Westerns and Chinese rulers in Syria, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Georgia, Chechnya, Ukraine and other frontiers of the Empires, the naked truth would appears in clear vision. The fact that crack between two giant tectonic plates is about to break up to a truly global corrective war between ruling classes. Titans are getting ready to clash, and planning for the aftermath of the great cleansing, of billions of un-exploitable and expensive to feed human.

Those who promote himself to neo-cons and Chinese state class, by engaging the emerging architecture of meta-data surveillance and authoritarian state apparatus for establishing the total exploitation of humans and the commons. This will be nothing less then digital global fascism. Not difficult to guess that the remaining useless and disturbing species will be forced out of the clean and luxurious smart cities, being labeled as terrorist or inhuman, or, worse, as ‘humans’. The near future world would look exactly like the Hunger Games! This direction is a serious option before the humanity, if one listen people like Rifkin and overlook the points he dismiss with a quick hocus pocus. Real question for ordinary people like us, billions of us, is ‘how should we think of the end of capitalism so that its end becomes a celebration instead of destruction leading to fictional dictatorial futures?’.

While we must support the visions for evolutionary transitions, there is a very urgent need to build and link globally visions of non-violent emancipatory and revolutionary social change.

This argument forms the base for the calls we have been making for worldwide and non-violent REvolutionary labor-social justice and hacker organizing. This May Day will be the day we launch a global and six months during process of #MetaStrike. A systemic-hackaton to stand together assertively against all the ruling elite fractions, to hack down all their sick projects and visions, and to start to peer producing and mesh networking our worlds of commons for a just, enjoyable, living and constructive civilisation, for each of us and for our loved ones.

Another world, now! 

Global Networked Labour Union

FB: https://www.facebook.com/GlobalNetworkedLabourUnion

Spaces and Tools: 

Titan pad: http://titanpad.com/metastrike

Wiki: https://on.usilive.org/dokuwiki/323

Website: http://gnunion.wordpress.com/networganize/


Suggested watch:

Recording of secret meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt [http://archive.org/details/TranscriptOfSecretMeetingBetweenJulianAssangeAndGoogleCEOEricSchmidt%5D

Occupy Wall Street leader calls for Google’s Eric Schmidt to be made [http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/occupy-wall-street-leader-calls-for-googles-eric-schmidt-to-be-made-ceo-of-america-9207226.html] 

Eric Schmidt in North Korea: Google chairman’s step into the unknown  [http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/jan/07/google-eric-schmidt-trip-pyongyang 

Julian Assange: Sysadmins of the world, unite! [30c3] [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzhtGvSflEk%5D






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