Public Launch of the #MayDay #MetaStrike: This MayDay Give an Happy End to the ‘Game of Morons’


Imece image.jpg

Today, May First 2014. The radical change process the humanity have been going through for a while recently got accelerated. Capitalism is dying and the entire planet is currently headed towards two alternative scenarios. First one is the darkest option, a shadowy Orwellian post-capitalism. Before this opetion come into reality there must be a catastrophic war between ‘great-powers’. The second one is much brighter, an healthy, joyful and advanced communiterian civilisation. We invite you all to consider that the time has come to make a big jump forward in our collaborative efforts, projects and activism. Therefore this #MayDay we would like to call on you and your community to put efforst to collaborate further with others. Let us give an happy end to the ‘Game of Morons’ and build the path that would lead all of us out of the ‘Game of Drones’!

Today, May First 2014, several online  spaces and tools are getting activeted with the…

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