Reminder: 2. Test Webinar for the ‘Organizing Digital Labour and Digital Labour Organizing’ Workshop

The Global Labour Institute Commission using our web conferencing facility to host a meeting

Dear friends and comrades,

The below text is copied from an open and collaborative kind of word
processor, called titanpad: we are using to prepare the ‘Organizing Digital Labour and Digital Labour Organizing’ workshop to take place within the Labour Start Global Crisis – Global Solidarity Conference  in Berlin, 23-25 May 2014 (

It means anyone can view, modify, add and erase things parts of the
text on the pad. The changes will be saved and backed up automatically.

The current event is designed as a kick off for a longer term an un-funded and volunteer, free libre and open source collaboration work that aims empowerment of every and each one of the participants to the series of meeting that combine online and grounded spaces. The initiative is committed to cross network and fertilise between existing innovative efforts towards developing strategies and visions for transnational re-invention of labour and working classes.

We will share the outcomes, the use value we create, with the existing, and most of the time loosing-blood independent trade unions especially those operating in the periphery of the capitalist metropols, where the system gets more and more aggressive on the weaker. We believe those who committed, organized and strive to protect rights and livelihoods of altough limited amount of working people, needs the most urgent concrete solidarity that can katalyze their self-empowerment.

Using the digital tools we already have at hand strategicaly to bring together those who have been developing and advancing, with those studying and -especially since 2011 uprisings- intensively learning how to use these tools creatively to (self-)organise and mobilise, we hope we can contribute such self-empowerment for more of us, does not matter that much where we are located, and for free –as in free beer. While learning more from each other we balieve we can contribute even if it is very modest  to the advancement of the general struggle for social emancipation of all who desire and deserve it.

The below list of ‘desired participants’ are composed of names, aiming more to give a better picture of what we have in mind, for the future of the initiative. Some of them did not yet fully confirm their participation and some of them are not even yet informed. Moreover the list is missing hundreds if not thousands key and important people (biggest apologies for that). However this is a beginning and our invitation is wide open to all those reading these lines and seeing her/him self as part in this or another unpaid, but might-pay-off-big-time cross-collaboration. If you feel for labour’s transnational renewal and/or for global social emancipation this is your own event. So, please feel at home and help yourself by adding your name and the information about yourself on the titanpad (here:, besides any other ideas, suggestions or modifications you wish to make.

Today (21.05.2014) between 14:30 and 20:30 UCT(UK time) we will be holding a second test and preparatory exchange call, in order to think and test together the BigBlueButton (web based seminar) software we will be using at the actual workshop. This time we will have an easier access point at Union Solidarity International’s website. Below steps are the steps you need to follow in order to smoothly lead yourself to the same
webinar room we will be connected from Berlin on the 25th:
– Go to USi home:
– Find Big Blue Button Box on the right hand column and select Meeting
Room (Digital Labour)
– Write your name
– Commons attendee password is ‘123’
The instructions for joining are here:
(as meeting room we will use Digital Labour instead of Union Meeting
used in the instructions)

And if you like to please share the word with others. Looking forward very much to meet and collaborate.

In global solidarity!

‘Organizing Digital Labour and Digital Labour Organizing’ workshop will take place within the Labour Start Global Crisis – Global Solidarity Conference  in Berlin, 23-25 May 2014 (

Full program of the conference:

Exact location of the workshop in the program and in the venue:
Workshops Track 6, – Media culture and culture of media
Space: Room 12
Slot: 9:00-10.30AM, Sunday 25 May, 2014
(Local time Convertor:

 How to join the workshop online via our webinar room:
– Go to USi home:
– Find Big Blue Button Box on the right hand column and select Meeting
Room (Digital Labour)

BBB– Write your name
– Commons attendee password is ‘123’
The instructions for joining are here:
(as meeting room we will use Digital Labour instead of Union Meeting
used in the instructions)

Description of the Workshop
The digitisation of the economies means major challenges for workers
and their unions globally. New ICTs create new structures and new
‘cyber-works’ that allow the state and capital to reorganise
production, consumption, finance and politics alongside global
production commodity networks. While we lose social and labour rights
that we won after giving long and painful democratic struggles in the
centre and the periphery. Yet, the developments in the ICTs also bear
great potential for us when re-organising ourselves. The workshop
creates a space for fruitful practical and solution focused discussion
to exchange and work on efficient digital tools and tactics, core
issues, main problems and useful lessons about digital labour
(self-)organising, especially of the informal and precarious workers’.
We invite key labour activists, organiser and researchers who are
engaged and observing the most recent experiences, to share ideas and

We will start with a brief framing. Then based on short and to the
point interventions from key unionists, labour and social justice
activists and/or thinkivists on the relevant topics, we will turn to
audience and ask for factual, practical, critical, and strategic
input. We expect to bring about the collective intelligence through
dynamic and informed brain-storm and exchange amongst those who
participate in the physical and the cyber meeting rooms. We will be
simultaneously compiling a material that can be modified, reproduced,
and shared digitally with wider communities.

Draft flow of the workshop (and desired contributors)

Opening, welcome and the solution focused framework

Analytics of the digital labour and digital worker

  Ursula Huws,

  Vincent Mosco (tbc) – Union density and knowledge workers, are they

  Christian Fusch (tbc) – Core issues with regard to the virtual
workers and   organising?

  Trebor Schulz (tbc) – What is the level of exploitation for the
digital labour, what does it say for the established union structures,

  Peter Waterman – Digital labour communication today, what key roles
it can play for networked labour internationalism?

  Hilary Wainwright

  Marco Berlinguer

  Christian Siefkes

  Stefan Meretz

  Silvia Federici

Funda Başaran

Gamze Yücesan Özdemir


Digital tools and the unions

Lina Dencik (IWW Universities Union)  

Walton Patland (Union Solidarity International – USI and
Cyberunions): What are the digital tools out there can serve to
reinvent labour internationalism

 Stephan Mahood (May First / Peoples Link and Cyberiunions) – What
kind of tools and why?

 Peter Hall Jones (NUN): What can be the elements of working social
network unionism?

  Derek Blackedder (LabourStart): Facebook and the history of the
problems with corporate social media?

  Alex White: Tips for unions to organise and campaign online

  Jack Bos / Irena Marmelstain (FNV Bondgenoten): most successful
experiences you had with social media tools at national level?

  Duck Zwart: using digital tools for local union work

  Umar Karatepe, Kivanc Eliacik (DISK): Gezi, labour, social media

  Mark Dilley – What and how can Wikis help unions

Gökhan Biçici (Tarem)

Informal labour and grassroots (self-)organising with digital tools

  Dave Hollis (NetzwerkIT, UK/Gr): How to organise safely using
digital communication tools ?

  Steve Zeltzer (LabourTech, USA)

  Pat Horn (Street.Net) problems with international informal labour organising

  Sarah Horowitz (Freelancers Union, USA) How did you manage to
organise  freelancers in the US

  Kati Sipp (Hack the Union, USA)

  Önder Özdemir (LabourNet, CapulTV Turkey) What made CapulTV the voice of Gezi?

   Vlad (Global Revolution) – Mehmet (NaberMedya) 15M, OWS, Gezi.. and the role of livestreaming activism  

   Micah White (OWS), Justin Wades (OWS)

   Bernardo Guiterrez, Carolina (15M)

Others: IWW, Bilişim İşçileri Dayanşma Ağı, GrahCommons, OWS-Labour Workgroup, 99 Picket Lines, China Labour Bulletin, Sacom, TIE, Clean Lcothes Campaign…





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