Organizing Digital Labour and Digital Labour Organizing Workshop



Peter Waterman -Labour, Cyber-Networking, International Solidarity after 13 Years

Walton Pantland -Union Solidarity International & Cyberunions

CarolinaGC – Social (Use of) media and Global Revolution

Orsan Senalp – Global networked labour union / version 1.0 (Beta)

Framing – The digitalisation and the informalisation of economies and jobs have brought about major challenges for workers and unions. While the new ICTs were to create new structures and cyber-works they also allowed the state and the capital to reorganize production, consumption, finance and politics alongside global production commodity networks. On the other hand since 2010 the social and emancipatory potential of part of the same technological developments is gained a large recognition. The workshop aims at a fruitful and solution focused discussion on the efficient and easy to learn ‘new tool kit’ and how to use it for labour’s renewal and emancipation. We want to explore some of the creative strategies and tactics that are built in the post 2008 period. What can be learned from the way social media used by grassroots? What the new experiences of digital (self-)organising do promise, especially the informal and precarious workers’? What are  the core issues, contradiction ad main problems to tackle? We invite unionists, labour activists, organisers and researchers alike interested in reinventing labour and transnational solidarity for the 21th century.

Methodology – Based on above interventions we will turn to audience and ask for factual, practical, critical, and strategic input. We expect to bring about a dynamic and informed brain storm amongst the participants. We will be simultaneously taking notes to form a document that can be digitally modified and reproduced by participants and shared with wider community.

When and Where – Taking place in Berlin as part of the Labour Start ( Global Crisis – Global Solidarity Conference ( ), 23-25 May 2014

Full program of the conference:

Workshops Track 6, – Media culture and culture of media, Sunday 25 May, 2014

Room 7,  Time Slot 9:30-11.00AM.

Join the workshop online webinar tool BBB: 

(Local time Convertor:

Go to USi home:

On the Right Hand Column Find Big Blue Button Box and Select Meeting Room: ‘Digital Labour’

Name: Your name

Password: Commons Attendee Password is ‘123’

The instructions for joining are here: (as meeting room we will use Digital Labour instead of Union Meeting used in the instructions)


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