Class Wars on Abundance?: Open Scientist Lisi’s Exceptionally Simple [E8] Theory of Everything vs. Netarchical Michio Kaku’s String Theory of Everything

Wikipedia entry >Antony Garrett Lisi (born January 24, 1968), known as Garrett Lisi,[1] is an American theoretical physicist and adventure sports enthusiast. Lisi works as an independent researcher without an academic position. He is a strong proponent of balance in life, in his case between scientific research and enjoyment of the outdoors.[2][3][4] Lisi is known for “An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything,” a paper proposing a unified field theory based on the E8 Lie group, combining particle physics with Einstein’s theory of gravitation. Altough the theory is incomplete and not widely accepted by the physics community, it is the biggest threat to Koku’s String Theory of Everything.

Garrett Lisi’ Exceptionally theory of everything: An 8-dimensional model of the universe

The Geometry of Particle Physics: Garrett Lisi at TEDxMaui 2013

The discovery of the Higgs Boson? Garrett Lisi explains

Perfect capitalist Koku replies to last words of Lisi at above video:

“Embrace ‘perfect capitalism’ or face disaster, physicist predicts” Koku, April 2014

Michio Kaku (2014) “The Future of the Mind”

Are We Ready For the Coming ‘Age of Abundance?’ – Dr. Michio Kaku


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