Peoples’ Social Forum, August 21-24, 2014 Canada

Peoples’ Social Forum

August 21-24, 2014

University of Ottawa, 550 Cumberland St,

Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5


The Peoples’ Social Forum will open on August 21 with a traditional Algonquin ceremony at sunrise and a celebratory peoples’ march in the afternoon. August 21 and 22 will see hundreds of participant-led workshops happen simultaneously at the University of Ottawa.  Saturday, August 23 will be a day of movement assemblies.  The last day there will be a final all-movements assembly and closing ceremony.   The Peoples’ Social Forum is also a joyous gathering with special exhibitions, work and peoples history tours, film screenings, critical mass rally, a pow-wow, street performances, concerts, games, and building new relationships. The Peoples Social Forum is a means of  stimulating debate, discussion and furthering our sense of community and collective action.

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