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Commons at the 4th.International Degrowth Conference -> Let’s make them visible.

A miniguide

This is an uncomplete collection of commons-related events at the 4th. international degrowth conference in Leipzig, which will start on September 2. There will be an enourmous number of parallel events, sessions and workshops during the 3 main conference days. So, if you want to find commons-related events, the following might be useful for you. We gathered information in English and German for panels and workshops prepared by commoners or where commoners participate. Moreover, You are also invited to one (or two?) network meetings of commoners.

We are thrilled, that the Degrowth-Conference goes beyond the degrowth movement and opens a space to discuss commonalities and differences with other movements. So,let’s make the commons visible at the conference and use this awesome opportunity to plan for our next steps. May be in a not so far future, the Commons Movement will organize a movement congress as well. Leipzig might be an example.

Remember, this collection is uncomplete, so: if you are a commoner and offer an event/ workshop etc at the degrowth conference, please add it to this list (you may use the comments or this pad: https://titanpad.com/Gjuw2Jl2zQ)

Thank you! And please spread the word. Share this information with all commoners who will be present in Leipzig.

Perhaps, the most important point is, that we’ve reserved a room for an informal networking meeting among commoners from all over the world: on Thursday September 4, at 2:30 pm, Room S 215 (see below)

The date is a bit odd, because it is parallel to the big convergence panel + other commons related sessions, but we can and should organize another informal meeting towards A COMMONS MOVEMENT CONGRESS IN 2016 on Thursday night or Friday. Suggestions welcome. Who takes the lead? -> mail to: Silke.Helfrich@gmx.de or via one of the commons/commoning mailing lists.

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