The Co-Workers and Co-Working-Spaces of the World Uniting?

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 International Coworking Week was August 2 – 9 2014, and we celebrated all over the world.  

   come check out our stories, and add your own!!

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What is Coworking?

The idea is simple: independent professionals and those with workplace flexibility work better together than they do alone. Coworking spaces are about community-building and sustainability. Participants agree to uphold the values set forth by the movement’s founders, as well as interact and share with one another. We are about creating better places to work and as a result, a better way to work. 


Our Values:

The members of this Community are engaged with and working on a model and approach that we call Open Coworking.  We are spaces all over the world, we work in many different languages and our businesses all look very different.  So how can we all be part of one big community?  


Here’s how.  We have all committed to the same core values.  Our values are:

  • Collaboration
  • Openness
  • Community
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainability 

To learn more, head to “The Values of Open Coworking” 

History of Coworking

Important dates can be added to the History of Coworking timeline.


What is the Coworking Wiki?

The Coworking Wiki is a free, community-owned and operated resource for everyone involved or interested in the world of coworking. For many, it is the first stop in their efforts to learn more about the movement. It offers resources for present and potential coworkers, space owners and operators, and those seeking to form their own coworking space.

To learn more about the wiki as well as our efforts to upgrade the site, head to the ‘Coworking Wiki Project‘ page. 

Find Coworking Spaces Around the Globe

Locate your local coworking space using our Coworking Space Directory. Travel between spaces internationally using the Coworking Visa: a program allowing active members to use another participating space in a different city, absolutely free. To find a participating space or announce your space’s participation, head to theCoworking Visa page.  

Getting Involved


  • The Nadine Project:  Open Coworking Software 
  • Coworking Manifesto project
  • Rural Coworking – Resources for folks who are interested in learning about the rural dimensions and possibilities for coworking
  • Roaming Coworking – A credit card coworker with benefits and related to CoworkingVisa up to from 3 to 10 days with coworking place cost support. 
  • Cowodoodles – A gallery of Google-like doodles about coworking. Feel free to add your drawing to the list. 

Studies Section

Academic Research

Coworking Directories

  • 42Floors – Find the best coworking spaces in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Washington D.C., New York City, Seattle, and Chicago.
  • Alcubic – A site where you can find or advertise shared workspaces or coworking centers.
  • Assemble – Cowork space ideally situated where Old Town meets the Gold Coast in Chicago.
  • Capital Factory –  All inclusive coworking space offering shared desks, private desks & executive suites.
  • Comingle – The free, proximity based network designed to make coworking more collaborative. 
  • Coworking France – Find Coworking place in France but also news, events and resources for coworkers 
  • Space Directory on 
  • Cowobase 
  • CoworkingCanada – the definitive list of genuine coworking spaces in Canada 
  • Coworking Finder, a SharedDesks project – A beta version of a simple coworking search engine from the Team (merged with SharedDesks in 2011)
  • Coworking Spain. A directory of Coworking Spaces in Spain. 
  • Cowork Unite – The Coworking Network.  Add your space, members, events and jobs.  
  • DeskHero – DeskHero is a commission free service connecting empty desks with individuals in need of a professional environment.
  • Deskwanted – Connects desk hunters with coworking spaces worldwide.
  • desk surfing – Find your favourite workspot. And change it whenever the surf feels right. 
  • Desktime – Is a coworking directory that helps pair people with workspaces, and space owners with renters.
  • Desk Union – We provide affordable and flexible desk space in the UK to the start-up and freelance community. We build collaborative communities.
  • Everdesk – Russian peer-to-peer marketplace to find and book workspace / coworking.  
  • eWorky – a tool that enables you to find and book your workplace / coworking. 
  • GoodCoworking – the social coworking directory with more than 300 cities worldwide.
  • LiquidSpace – Mobile & online app to search, compare and book great spaces to meet & work in real-time. 
  • Meetupery – Coworking / Hackerspace in Sussex, Wisconsin, USA – A member of the Space Federation
  • Neo-Nomade – Coworking Spaces and other places to work in France.
  • PivotDesk –  We’re helping startups that need space, find host companies that have space.
  • OfficeShareGuide is a new website dedicated to hosting the locations and reviews of coworking and office share locations across the US and soon internationally.
  • ShareYourOffice A website to offer or find shared office spaces around the world.
  • SharedDesks, The Coworking Finder – A new way of representing coworking and coworkers, worldwide…an idea growing from June 2009. (online since 2011) 
  • SoTechie Spaces – An open, professional, and friendly workspace based in New York City.
  • Space on Tap – a North East UK directory of coworking and office spaces 
  • Coworking Brasil –  A website to find a coworking spaces in Brazil.
  • Wherever Worker – A directory for finding coworking spaces around the world. 
  • – a leading Flexible Work Space Portal, with lots of searchers coming from the Coworking and Start-up business communities. 
  • Work World Space (aka WWS) – A free coworking directory where you can list your space with some images and accept bookings.
  • CoworkingHongKong – A directory for finding coworking space in Hong Kong! 

Coworking Blogs & Media Coverage

Associations, Collectives, Groups

Coworking Tools

  • 1work – Book meeting rooms online (free to use) 
  • – Web app manages incoming/outgoing paper mail, and generates dedicated phone numbers to resident and external members.
  • Coworking Visa – Review which spaces around the world that offer use to visiting from other participating spaces (normally just daily drop in)
  • Coworking Visa Map – a visual map to show all coworking visa spaces around the world (embedable code for your own website)
  • Cobot – Software to manage your coworking space.
  • Comingle – The free, proximity based network designed to make coworking more collaborative 
  • Cowoop – Hosted Open source service to manage your coworking space. Aims to be cost effective.
  • AccessSolutions – Electronic solutions for CoWorking Space access (building)
  • Coworking Management System – Managing hotdesking, meeting room rentals. (free to use)
  • Cowork Unite – Manage your space, members, events and jobs on one easy to use platform.
  • CoLearn– We help coworking space owners make extra revenue with our classes, and social experiences 
  • Nexudus Spaces – Software to manage your coworking space.
  • Nadine – Open Coworking Software. 
  • Desktime – Software for managing your shared space.
  • Dovetail – Member management and community engagement application for coworking spaces. Less time with data. More time with people.
  • The iPad Receptionist  – an iPad app that performs the role of a virtual receptionist by instantly connecting office visitors with the person they are visiting via text message and email.
  • ezeep Cloud Print Management – Cloud-based print management software for coworking spaces to manage printing, users and printers, reporting, print drivers, payment and more

Coworking Conferences

Other Coworking Resources


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