Essays on Principles of Energetic Materialism: A Meta-theory of Unity of Everything in Diversity

I. Intro 

There has been no Big Bang, no past, no present, no future, where our particles have been embedded and floating in the space-time dimension fluxing from big bang towards beyond the borders of the universe, at least as we have been thinking of them. They are still out there, exist, real, knowable, observable, and changeable. Yet in simultaneously existing multitude, of distributed universes which we call them the networked cosmos.

How can this be, and how then we could share the same life experience? In our places of being settled on top of the ‘now’, in motion of making the short human and long word history? The answer is simple as it is: What ever possible do exit, has ever been existed from the beginning till the end, and still do so in a multilevel and distributed cosmos formed by multiple, multi layer, multi-field, interconnected space-times that are cutting across each other and going beyond what we so far conceived as ‘The Universe’, which encompass all the physic [material and immaterial, living and dead, intelligent and dumb] existence.

The future, the past, and the present, all possible situations [space-time] for all the particles and anti particles [hence energy and matter, dark energy and dark matter, material and immaterial, body and soul, ideas and actions] their forms, substances, positions and interactions, do exist and real but in endless variations [synchronized ort not] which are demarcated from the realm of ‘observation’, the space-time, by their varying ‘frequencies’ changing the quanta information and positions. So that any-being equipped with the capacity of making observation, is able to determine the collective [and relative] courses in the conceived flux in space-time as the outcome of the interacting vectors [observations made by individual observers]. Indeed, therefore the reality before our eyes coming closer to what some religions claim, some prophet’s preached, some philosophers speculated, some psychics sensed, and some physicist calculated. However, so far it has only by very few claimed to be the truth. It is because, the totality of the contradictive nature of the cosmos has never been grasped and comprehended fully by a coherent, simple, beautifully advanced unity of math formulas of advanced physics and systems of philosophy able to encompass the subjects of the metaphysics –where religious speculations have been grounded.

This series of essays bears the ambiguous objective to put forward the principles of ‘Energetic Materialism’ as a such Unified Theory of Everything that can succesfully unify the mathematical, physical, philosophical, and spiritual systems of thoughts on the truth[s], in one, interconnected, simple, networked and holistic systems of understandings of the cosmos. Essay serie will also provide a brief history of the unification of the observer human and its bellowed observed cosmos, by tracing the ideas developed by idealist and materialist developers of dialectics such as Hegel, Fuerbach, Marx, and Engels. And those who advanced this meta-theory, like Bogdanov (in his Tectology), complex systems theorists (of which fundamentals developed by Popper and Hayek).

We are intended to show who the hacking of the Dialectic Materialism as it was advanced by Alexander Bogdanov -by synthesizing historical materialism of Marx and Engels and (idealist-) Energetism of Ernst Mach and Willhelm Ostwald. As we will show, Hayek and Popper have stolen the ideas of Bogdanov, who had to develop his meta theory [methodology and philosophy of science] under another brand (Tectology) after being eliminated from the revolutionary politics by his rival Vilademir Lenin. As we will show, after Lenin’s death, in the Bolshevik constitution process, it was first Sultangaliev who refered Bogdanov’s methodology and contrasted it to Stalinist ideology and political regime, as the more radical form of Marx and Engels’ historical materialism. Sultangaliev claimed that as a universal scientific method, energetic materialsim was more suitable to understand the world issues by going beyond the Euro-centrism of Russian Marxists. Although Sultangaliev joined the term Energetic Materialsim himself he did not developed in detail his sythesis of Energetism (of Mach and Oswtald) and Dialectical Materialism of Marx and Engels as Bogdanov did (and criticised by Lenin). Bogdanov’s goal was to create a discipline that unifies all social, biological, and physical sciences by considering them as “systems of relationships and by seeking the organizational principles that underlie all systems.”

We argue that this vision, as an radical and advanced version of dialectical materialism, has achieved to open to path for scientific and philosophical advancement of human civilization has taken place sine the second half of the last century. A political-ideological class act, delivered by people Karl Popper and Fredric von Hayek incorporated by modifying and politically manipulating Bogdanov’s ideas did pave a way to an ‘scientology’ understanding of Bogdanov’s meta-theoretical vision and innovation. Yet as a restul of a ‘negative hacking’ by Popper and Hayek, it became impossible to realize the real unification of social, physical, biological, and human sciences by compex systems theory nor the econometric science of modelling. That is why today, the affirmation of ‘scineticist’ versions of Theory of Everything, steeming from theoretical physics alone is not able to overcome the demarcation between the observer and observed, in the endevour of grasping the unity of in cosmos, which changes the cosmos at the moment of observation and theorisation. What we like to assert here is that only an upgraded metatheory based on the Energetic Materialism [tektology] of Bugdanov and Sultangaliev, would be able to achieve this goal, and allow us to grasp the contradictory unity and diversity of cosmos and humanity, as parts of complex and diverse, simple and unified whole.              

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