DYNAMO | Powering change on MTurk

/ How it works

It’s often hard to get together and act, that’s why Dynamo offers a platform to gather, gain critical mass, and mobilize! 
Have a question not listed here? Send it to: info@wearedynamo.org, we will update this page with your question.

Who designed and built Dynamo?

Researchers studying collective action online.

How can I register?

Follow the instructions on the register page, Dynamo has a two step registration system.

What if people use this for malicious activity?

That’s what the voting system is for.

How will your research affect us?

We have built Dynamo as part of a research project on understanding how to build systems that support collective action online.

I have an action in mind. How can I post it?

Post your idea on the Ideas page.

What information do you store on your servers? Will my information be private?

We do NOT store your worker ID on Dynamo or link your worker ID to your Dynamo account in any way.

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