Code Red Alarm: Another World right now, before a global counter-guerrilla warfare hits!

What has happened in Rojava and at turkey-Syrian border is extremely worrisome and tension is rapidly spreading in Turkey. Things can escalate in Turkish cities, putting nationalists, Kurdish movements, Islamist radicals, and progressives into clashes with each other, leading to the destabilization of the last brick on the wall about to collapse. Yesterday in Istanbul University campus there were IS supporters attacking and chanting radical slogans, being attacked back by left groups. Kobane has been under a very heavy attack by IS and total amount of refugees crossing border (and young and men returns to war zone) has been between 2-3 million people. In southern cities there has increased aggression towards new comers. No body seems to know what will bring tomorrow. This sounds pretty much like a Global Shock Doctrine in being implemented.

The doctrine is implemented especially in, for and on people’s’ of Europe and the wider West. The more Muslims are being killed, in order to justify imperialists policies created the open ended wars to redesign the world, the more westerners don’t give an attention to it and show consent, the more radical people will get. No body can assure that it won’t spread to Europe tomorrow, and to be honest it might even be desired by some right wingers who like to draw back all social and democratic rights to be able to competitive before BRICs. social forces simply not ready at all to what is coming very close. The below was an example call, to work on the idea of international peace Marches to shut down the capitalist war machine. It has a bit changed now, though not in text yet, the plan is national calls for spanish like star-Marches for peace towards capital cities from peripheries, in multiple european countries. To collect materials, livelihoods, money etc. to be send and brought to people who needs in war zones, now or in approaching winter, by organizing convoys and caravans. These would leave from every capital city. Collected livelihoods would be taken by community organized caravans, others can join with bikes, or marches, so on to bring solidarity to Ukraine, Rojava, Iraq, and Gaza. It is also the idea to mesh networking all our alternatives, economies on the road to each other according to a plan (draft is being worked out). Europe not having internal borders returned and internet not cut yet both our advantages

At the moment, near Rojava, right south of tr/Syria border it gets increasingly chaotic… Not all but especially with west, TR state and all other state actors, politicans NGOs unions are either paralyzed or still playing for their hands, bring stacked in structures! In Europe things goes very similar. People act like it is not the world war coming to their town. We need to see that not only those people in and near the war zones, but also we those a bit far form it is in urgent need for being able to self-organized solidarity economy networks to produce and share local self-organized stuff, can be linked and exchanged trans locally. In even larger scope then what Occupy Sandy achieved, to be able to prepare for the coming disaster.

The most needed elements of hope has been there, yet might not stay so. As Greek comrades who organizes the ‘festival4sce’ tells, “different worlds do already exist!” We have been learning how to mesh these with each other. We have been, may be a first time after thousands of year, returning to our self-organizing roots but this time as a civilization level. Still there is long way to go of course, yet, Athens can be sitting in the turning, or no-turning point. For both Peoples of Greece, and rest of us future can be in making this work. Especially if we could get thing from there and link them at least to the periphery of the war zones’, as much as we could, with local self-organisation of those effected people. This is not an ideology, part, groups, politics issue anymore. This is about surviving and still with dignity.
3. Festival of Solidarity and Cooperative Economy, 10-12 October 2014,

This is a first draft, prepared by Bob Haugen and Lynn Foster from US, a base for hacking an alternative or self-organized global solidarity economy network that works for all, undermining global value chains and commodity networks of capitalism:
(NRP means networked receipt preparation).

In Athens, there will be others like Faircoop, global expansion of CIC Spanish level network of open cooperatives as well as comrades from 15m, Occupy, Gezi and Brazil uprisings who bears the codes of transnational networking, meeting with Greek, Spanish, Italian, and other cooperative communities who has been writing the recipes and how to’s of the emerging new worlds. It is a vital task to bring all these recipes into accessible and translatable and transferable format. Recipe for Recipying, in its most developed form, would be allowing us to share open know how of the processes we developed and innovated.

Continental long marches, can create and empower the transnational networked space filled with nodes, ties, and working recipes of building the compete algorithms of the distributed free open source operating systems that can really replace the capitalist mode of production, in accelerated manner.



3 thoughts on “Code Red Alarm: Another World right now, before a global counter-guerrilla warfare hits!

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  2. Hate is useless. It always backfires. The only antidote is to interconnect with others who are different from you or your tribe. Swap goods and viewpoints. All benefit !! And learn how to solve problems together like neigbours do. That is the Van Till Principle (VTP) specialize and connect with the best.

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