Going beyond the Sharing Economy, an event in Gijón, Spain | P2P Foundation

“Sharing economy” companies already represent a total equity market value of more than US$110 billion. The sector includes world renown companies such as Airbnb or Zipcar, and analysts consider it to be the actual foundation of the new economy.But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Protracted economic crisis has spurred has driven radical innovations in the ways people work, how they innovate, design, communicate, build, and live. And a new generation is building its identity around them.

Two sessions to open up a conversation

This will not be a usual event. Instead of conferences, easels, and speakers, there will be open interviews, sofas, and good music. We want to set up a new form of conversation and we will do that through a format more akin to a “late show” than a class.

We will present the main trends in the related to the new economy through the experiences and reflections of leading personalities from the United States, Europe, and Australia. We will get to know large-scale citizen collaboration experiences, city networks, new ways of learning and much more.

via Going beyond the Sharing Economy, an event in Gijón, Spain | P2P Foundation.


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