Program: Digital Labor Conference

Digital Labor: Nov 14-16


Download the full program (PDF) Flip through the program here.

November 13, 2014

06:00 PM Workingman’s Death

November 14, 2014

08:00 AM Speaker Check-in

10:00 AM Opening Plenary

10:45 AM (Not) Getting Paid to Work & Play

10:45 AM Research & Practice on Feminist / Feminized Digital Labor

10:45 AM The Death of Employment; Long Live Worker Rights

10:45 AM Perspectives on Digital Labor & the Video Game Industry

10:45 AM Culture Workers of the World Unite!

02:15 PM Resource Sharing & Digitization in the Arts

02:15 PM Digital Labor, Sex Work, & Maria’s GentleWhispering

02:15 PM CUNY Digital Labor Working Group Roundtable:

The Place, Politics, and Function of Measure

02:15 PM Fairness in Crowd Work

02:15 PM The Labor of Love & the New Soviet Man in Silicon Valley

02:15 PM Value Capture & the Affect Machine: Non-Money Capital in the Digital Age

02:15 PM Search, Data Flows, & Vertical Extraction

05:15 PM SaysUs/GNUnion

05:15 PM Art, Art Workers, and Cloud Platforms

05:15 PM Teamsters, UPS, & the Gig Economy (Student Panel)

05:15 PM Temp Land: Working in the New Economy

05:15 PM Crowd Work: The Future of Design

05:15 PM How Interfaces Demand Obedience

05:15 PM Movement Materials & What We Can Do

07:00 PM Disability & the Digital Divide

via Program: Digital Labor Conference.

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