GNUniting for the Commons Humanity: Mesh-Project Submitted to

Global Network Labour Union submits a frame-project to, the cooperative funding initiative of the Catalan Integral Cooperative


GNUnion aims at

1.  Creating one big mesh network for the working people from the Global South and Global North by linking autonomous networks and communities of high-tech/knowledge, industrial and service workers; domestic, immigrant, rural, jobless and future workers; solidarity, activism and research networks; labour, environmental, social justice and information freedom activists,

2. Hyper- and self-empowerment of the individual nodes and networks involved,

3.  Emancipation of human labour, creativity and potential from current dominant system based on waged slavery by mesh networking existing and working alternatives and  building new ones,

4. Combining labour, digital, creative and media activism to confront system with transnationally meshed, systemic and strategic mass actions,

The network of the projects we design and develop focuses on self-organizing and connecting like-minded peers and their network bases to each other strategically and synergetically. To this end we build dynamic, free, libre, and open access spaces and tools through which our collective agendas, struggles, and energies can…

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