Sharing Economy as Anti-crack Capitalism

imageDid you realize what it is when you first heard about this Anti-Crack (kraak in Dutch) thing? By now it is almost an established branch of the new real(bubble)estate sector. Wonder if there is any good kick-ass critic of this Anti-Crack/squat / gentrification complex! Or a pain giving action done or being organized, especially after this brave term is manifested and popularized -at least in the Netherlands, as the Workfare? The offense strategy of the anti-crackers looks like the good governance boyz (Delegitimize, Deregulate, Privatize) of the 80s-90s neoliberalism. Relatively a good deal after the crisis moment in 2008, after have been saying and hearing that there is not much space left for the capital to expand and assert itself through commodification of everything and internalisation of externalities.. Now what we see is the real mutation and reinvention of the alien by absorbing the new emancipatory experiments called ‘social innovatin’. It is doing it once more by this time internalization of unused estate goods, and going deeper in the city-spaces, and more deep even into your rooms, toilets, dushes, of the  houses we are living in; by linking AirBnB style innovation and social housing system of the ancient-welfare regime, bed-room taxes, used and not used things are being taken in to re-valuetion circles by using the new means of production and reproduvtion the emerging new capitalism.

There has been other and similar operations going on in other fileds to absorb wasted exchange value embedded in the unused personal consumables, the mass garbage of the accumulated and not used things of anykind. Like inventing the derivatives-out of of commodities capital is behind these values. As some of you know, unused estate of anykind, in Europe, at the heartland of capitalism -and its individualist protectionist and liberal consumerism based versions, such value is used to be target of liberation or decommodification by the hard given struggle by the crackers/squatter movements across especially Europe, since the 50s and 60s, interlinked sometimes with red and green movements and immigrants movements. There has also been issues about cooptation after legalisations, in the decades followed. Movement of squatters, in the 2000s, however have seen a increasing attacts from authorities. And after the completion of the first phase offensive and the once accepted institutions, even tolerated by mainstream public, squats today become to seen as criminal entities, and anti-crackers are on the rise. At least in the Netherlands of 2015, the process seems completed and ‘Anti-Crack’ seems to be an appealing and growing as a juicy part of the Sharing Economy crap, in Holland.

This has made possible to see the reality and dangers of the entire Sharing Economy hype. A class project and process that can be seen as an Anti-Crack Capitalism, with reference to Holloway’s book. Such project plays its card for feeding into the demarcating alienation between the proletarianized segments of the educated working classes in the West and the old poor, dirty and homeless losers of all times. While the crisis deepen, and bright-estetical-and skilled peers started to get threaten by emerging dark Lord, called ‘islamo-fascist terror’, created by the ruling classes, what would be the political reaction of the creative peers who are more pers then other peers will be? What would hold the skillful peers living in anti-kraak complexes, what type of estetic and ideology will be forming the connections between their perceptive neurons. I am sure it is, has been, and might well be the one that fits best to the needs of the emerging new stage of capitalism!

The below link is to the Dutch page, yet there is also English version on Wikipedia:

All in all, may be the Limit to Capital, as Harvey put it, was not concrete enough on the 2D surface of the earth and in the 3D cracks and holes underneath the grounds and atmoshere -think of cracking and carbon trade.. with the discovery of Higgs Boson, construction of the international space station, and ongoing preperations for taking people to Mars travel, we might see the opening up of the 4D space-time, deep in the micro and macro cosmos to the exploitation by capital. So one could argue now that it might not be such a good idea to expect something like a rapture from the acceleration of this trend, as strategies by the accelerationsists. The idea can be as dangerous and self-defeating as it was with the ‘lets take over the winter place, treasury and the arsenal of the state and then smash the capitalist’ option? Well, you might ask, if electolral victory of the European Left, accleration of inforational capitalism, or socialist revolution won’t work, what the hell are we going to do… then my modest answer would be all of the possibilities at the same time and friendly-mutual respect based comradeship and collaboration with each other. An alternative and counter version of Sharing Economy, or as Michel Bauwens calls Netarchical Capitalism, can be holistically and strategically be coordinated as a REvolutionary collaboration; which is designed, but really and genuinely designed as a collaborative, free and open access political project and process, including design and implementation of wiki-actions that are taking the currently in progress alternative visions for transition into the core of the master plan that would be bridging the egalitarian economiic base structures and cultural-ideoligical super-structures. Such collaborative collective action would be meshing new forms of social and networked strikes, hacks, media and art actions, leaks, and traditional forms like hunger strike, slowing down, walking out, piciket lining etc. When the time ans space is right a global action to trigger a final exodus for labour from the capitalist matrix simulatensoulsy. Before we are set to become digital and analog slaves out side the high walls of higenic anti-kraak and anti-commons smart cities, we are better to sit and talk, all of us.


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