From Kobani, to Chiapas, and in Tunis, peer to peer building we a commons and autonomous humanity bottom up!


Dear friends,
Below you will find the registration made for the Global Square to the WSF Tunis. Besides we also proposed to have an open and collaborative space continuously working during thimece imagee forum to produce concrete proposals to be discussed and presented to the assemblies, which might be held in and outside the university campus, in order to work on the concrete experience and expertise we have been gaining as grassroots commoners, solidarity networkers, activists, peer producers, cooperative owners.
As you will see the Global Square is an open initiative, open to anyone’s volunteer contribution as well as participation to be built and rebuilt, towards, around and beyond social forums. So the space we are creating will be self organized and shared one, culturally, politically, economically and socially.
You will also see that the event I proposed and registered, as part of the Global Square open space, is drafted…

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