Re-building Kobani, as one of the emancipatory cities of the Another World

Below call is circulated via email lists to join hands in rebuilding Kobani, symbolic part of liberated Rojava. A spark can be lighted and spread from Kobani, in case a will emerges to channel broader generetive and constuctive emancipatory energy to rebuild Kobane as a geniunely state-free Earth city which is directly and organically part of broader papalel world composing Chiapas, social centers, occupied factories, squats, squares, hacker spaces, transition towns, social forums and other communities that producing and maintaining a life beyond capitalism.
Kobani as an emancipatory Babylon that is rebuilt all together, using the productive forces we have and can share by employing the new communication coordination and self organising capacity we have been gaining in the last decade, would be the cristallization of an emancipated social power that demonstrates that massively opressed peoples of the Global South are able to undertake large scale initiatives. A mother Earth friendly city building initiative, would bring about the hope 99% needs urgenty;  first for those who urgenlty need their living spaces back in Rojava, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, afghanistan and else where, who also forces to immigtate other countries and West where they become slaves. And then for those struggling against hardening exploitation of human and the nature across the Planet, those who are pushed ethnic and religious fundamentalism -thus radical exploition by the local Capital. Or those middle class technology workers chosing to sell their labour and dreams to Google and other large scale data-miners, building Smart-Cities as new techno-Babylons designed and serve to the rulers.
If there shall be any strong hope for movements to work together to produce and protect the commons at all, in near future, commonning Kobane as an emancipatory and Earth friendly Babylon, may be the chance we shouldn’t miss:
27 February, 2015
A new board has been established to oversee the reconstruction of Kobane, which has been left devastated after 6 months of siege. Currently 25,000 people are living or have just moved back into Kobane and many more are waiting their chance to return home, but an absence of basic food and water supplies and the physical destruction of the city’s infrastructure makes the situation extremely precarious. In addition, ISIS left land mines and explosive materials behind as they fled Kobane and the surrounding villages, even placing them inside kitchens and bedrooms of abandoned homes.
The Kobane Reconstruction Board has written a report, available for download, which provides an overview of the damage and lists the urgent needs facing the region.
You can download the report here: Report on the urgent and essential needs in Kobane <> , February 2015
Other networks:
Kobani Re-building Platform:
Kobani Solidarity Coordination:

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