#DNU | Peer Producing FLOS and Commons University Working Group Next meeting: March 9, Monday, 14:00, Cafeteria, @Maagdenhuis, Spui 21, Amsterdam

Peer Producing FLOS (Free / Libre and Open Source) and Commons University Working Group  
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Contact person: Orsan Senalp (networg.nl)
Email: networg@networg.nl
WG online spaces: 
E-list: … in progress
To design and implement ‘the new university’ in a way it is grounded and working at the #Maagdenuis and p2p networked to outside world, now. It’s form, content / cirriculum, and governance will be peer produced, as in some of the free/libre and open source projects, where people can produce, shared, and disseminate knowledge as a commons, by each participants. What we have in mind is to construct an working ’emancipatory’ model, where students and academic workers, of UvA and in general, empowers each other and delivers emancipatory knowledge for the use of  broader society. Such model needs to be thought in binary opposition to the current  ‘disciplinary’ model that is designed to maintain the status-quo that favors the rich, powerful, greedy, a-social, destructive, and boring ruling classes. Therefore one criteria for the new networked university we have, is the emancipatory empowerment of all the participating nodes.      
Report from the first meeting: 
First meeting was held on 7 March, 14:00 pm, in the Cafeteira/Kitchen. 
* We initially decided to hold 3 regular meetings per week (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), at the same time (14:00) and same place (@Cafeteria / in case it is too niosy @Cinema in the Room 223), to work further and put the ideas in practice. 
* Some of us will be attending in the earliest GA to report back updates -either on the same evening or the next day. 
* Before Wednesday 11 March, we will prepare and secure online and physical infrastructure to communicate the program as we build, including course flow, initator, contact info, space, so on. The infrastructure will be composed of an online pad (titanpad) and physical large board somewhere visible at the maagdenhuis (fixed location).   
* Who ever like to initiate or take place in the classes would send email to the WG, add info in the board or pad, or join in the WG meetings to make a proposal. Classes and the program will be nioticed at the GA as updates. Initiators are obliged to meet the criteria by letting us know how and why their course/class/skillshare..etc. intiative is emancipatory, in a sense we mentioned above.   
* We would seek to work closely with media, program and networking groups of the DNU and Re-Think UvA. 
* Another initial idea is to think further on the idea of embedding such knowledge liberation practice into a broader cooperative and solidarity economy frame-network
* Next meeting: 9 March,  Monday, 14:00, @Cafeteria, #Maagdenhuis, Spui 21, Amsterdam

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