Students protest in Montreal over government austerity measures

#lseoccupation #maagdenhuis global and networked solidarity with uprising future workers, structural unemployed, or self-exploiting entrepreneurs. #1world1struggle

Montreal Gazette

Several thousand students protesters gathered in downtown Montreal on Saturday afternoon to voice their displeasure with government austerity measures.

Organizers of the protest said this will be one of several demonstrations to be held over the next few months.

“Today, we’re proud to launch a raucous spring,” said Fannie Poirier, spokesperson for the Spring 2015 protest committee. “Austerity measures have been presented as the lesser of evils to confront a deficient economy. But what we’re seeing … is a massive impoverishment of the population, full-frontal attacks on working conditions and a loss of security for society’s most vulnerable people.”

The official spokesperson for student group ASSÉ, Camille Godbout, said more than 50,000 students will officially be on strike as of next Monday to protest against the provincial government’s austerity plan, which has drawn the ire of major unions, community groups and various other stakeholders since it was announced last year.

Today marks the beginning of (a…

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