World Institute for Social Change

World Institute for Social Change (WISC) is a project for developing and sharing ideas, skills, vision, and strategy within and across progressive constituencies. WISC is a partnership project. Diverse progressive and left partner organizations plus its faculty constitute its hosts.

WISC offers courses four times a year in eight week sessions after each of which there is a month off for entering new enrollments, adding new courses, and refining features. The sessions are in April/May, July/August, October/November, and January/February.

The Organizational Partners composing WISC are continually subject to addition and renewal. The Current Partners are listed in the logo above, and in the box to the right, as well as on the partners page.

The backbone software of WISC is Moodle and is used by thousands of online education projects.

The structure of WISC is as follows:

Courses are sponsored by a WISC partner organization. To teach a WISC course one must get sponsorship from a partner.

Faculty determine course content.

Enrollees take courses, including engaging as much as they choose in course discussions, assignments, etc.

Enrollees pay a sliding scale for either full fee enrollment, low income enrollment, or observer status.

Revenues from a course go 50% to course faculty, 25% to partner course sponsor, and 25% to WISC for maintaining the whole operation.

Below are a few links for overarching WISC features – but the vast bulk of content and action is in courses themselves, of course.

via World Institute for Social Change.


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