Technics in the Rear-view Mirror

Deterritorial Investigations

[Text fragment from a work in progress]

It is by no accident that the theme of the “Eternal Network” emerged in the ferment of the 1960s and the dawning of the 1970s. It was precisely in this time that the concepts of post-industrialization were first coming into vogue, mobilized by the massive government investment into scientific and technological research during and following the events of World War 2. This collision of science and the demands of war had produced remarkable advancements in computational technology, and also catalyzed rapid evolutions in automated machinery, theories of behavior and cognition, the biological sciences, the studies of servomechanisms and feedback loops, and increased possibilities for large-scale telecommunication systems. Coupled with a relatively high level of economic affluence produced by the quasi-Keynesian capitalism promoted by Roosevelt’s New Deal, Kennedy’s New Frontier, and Johnson’s Great Society, as well as the new political consciousness spawned by the…

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