Networked Labour University – Information Bulletin No. 2 [En] | 8-15 May 2015

 Photo of an online meeting via BigBlueButton being projected on the classroom wall
  1. NLU Opening Meeting took place on Thursday 7 May 2015

At the opening meeting, it is decided to hold bi-weekly meetings to exchange updates, discuss technical and organisational issues, and coordinate overall issued related to the platform development process. The date of the next meeting is 21 May at 16:00 CET (UTC+2). Anyone likes to engage and put a brick in the building of NLU cooperative learning platform is more than welcome! Agenda and decisions taken at the opening meeting can be read here:

  1. Occupy your space to test our system, and learn how to build own! 

Our e-campus opens its doors to individuals, groups, and communities that are sharing a co-operative and solidarity economy perspective. We invite you all to start experimenting with and exploiting the possibilities:

Federating Moodle and Big Blue Button and using other plug-ins provided with the Moodle, NLU e-campus platform allows to run feeds from other websites and blogs, host social forums, embed external media, page and other tools (like pads and wikis) and give access to scheduled online classrooms on each spaces created on the e-campus. Together with other design and admin options the overall system becomes a weapon of mass-construction, for networking and organising.

NLU e-campus now gives access to individuals, groups and collective projects access to productive and creative collaborative tool-kit that enable users to schedule, assign and execute tasks collectively, to organise strategic exchanges, skill sharing meetings, press conferences, art shows, film screening, reading groups, educative or action oriented events in all forms in one big shared space.

The NLU e-campus is organised as for main spaces: the ‘Conference Halls‘ which is devoted to one time large events; the ‘Training Centre‘ which is reserved to various types of classes; the ‘Labour and Trade Unions Forum‘ which is built for the use of labour and union related events and debates; and finally ‘Open Spaces for Collaborations‘, the space created for the use of work groups, collectives, and collaborative -local or global- projects. If you like to reserve a space for your courses, events, or group’s meetings just send us an email and we will help you to create and manage it as you like!  (admin email:

  1. Courses being scheduled and opened for enrolment 

Besides the Study Circle rounds scheduled at 3rd and 10th of June, that were announced in the first bulletin, below classes are now open for the enrolment:

Register and Enrol:

In order to enrol any classes or to apply for a space for the use of  your organisation or groups, first you need to register as NLU user by clicking the above link and filling a short form. Then you will be able to get in touch with the course contact person. Write to admin for support (admin email:

  1. NLU receives 1000 FairCoin donation from FairCoop’s campaign 

Following its May Day launch, NLU started to accept donations in FairCoin, and the good news is that we did just receive the first donation from our sister cooperative-ecology Faircoop. See FariCoop campaign here:

And to donate NLU, GNLU related projects via banktransfer you can use our CoopFunding campaign here:

In solidarity!

Networked Labour University


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