Hatırlatma: Emeğin uzaktan kooperatif öz-eğitimi, İnternetten işçi üniversitesi NLU kooperatif toplantısı 21 Mayıs, 17:00   

Sosyal Ağ Sendikacılığı


İnternet üzerinde kurulan uluslararası işçi ve emek üniversitesi NLU, kişi veya grup olarak kolektif öğrenme ve dayanışma kültürünü geliştirmeye ve yaymaya çalışan herkese açık evrensel bir platformdur. Dünyasal ağ-sendika GNUnion, emek araştırma birimi Networked Labour ve açık kaynak üretim-tüketim kooperatifi ağı GNLU ile entegre şekilde geliştirdiğimiz platform bir çok inisiyatif ile beraber kapitalizm dışı dünyaları inşa eden en alttakilerin güçlenmesi için çabalamaktadır. 7 Mayıs’daki açılış toplantısında güncellemeler hakkında bilgi aktarımında bulunmak,  teknik ve örgütsel ilerleyişi değerlendirmek, ve platformun gelişimine yönelik enine boyuna fikir alış-verişinde bulunup kararlar almak üzere iki haftada bir toplanma fikri benimsenmiştir.

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Bir sonraki toplantı tarihi 21 Mayıs saat 17:00 (Türkiye saati ile) NLU e-kampüsü üzerinden çevirim içi olarak yapılacaktır!

İngilizce ve Türkçe yapılan toplantılara kooperatif platformun inşası için katkı sumak isteyen herkes katılabilir. Katılabilmek için aşağıdaki like tıklayıp kısa kayıt formunu doldurmanız gerekiyor. Siteye kayıt olmak için tıklayın

Toplantı sayfası:  http://networkedlabour.networg.nl/moodle/course/index.php?categoryid=18

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One thought on “Hatırlatma: Emeğin uzaktan kooperatif öz-eğitimi, İnternetten işçi üniversitesi NLU kooperatif toplantısı 21 Mayıs, 17:00   

  1. To: The Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs and Federal Management / Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee October 26, 2016 In 2010 the lead investigator and attorney selected identifiers prior to creating a ruse of an investigation. Each identifier selected from, and exactly identical to, SS Nazi identifiers used to precede the contrived Nazi fabrications and falsifications to fit each identifier. The Nazi torture tactics as well as the propaganda tactics used on the general public to gain participation in committing crimes and/or looking the other way have been crafted during these past 6 years by the lead investigator and attorney from Columbia, SC to include thousands now, individuals and many businesses and public offices as well, all victims. The crimes in this case of Nazi torture and propaganda to dehumanize, de-spiritualize, and create distrust in the general public of the United States government, will be the easiest to prove, having 6 years of documentations all fabricated in various manners and piled one upon the other; but also, the most heinous imaginable and unprecedented in the US, and will expose the widespread and rapidly destructive ability of those employing Nazi tactics in this manner which seems to be undetected. The focus, as I hope is being monitored by those in intelligence areas regarding the current advancement of the Nazi agenda in the US, is not like its counterparts bombing buildings; but, in the silent arenas such as I have described, to utilize only one person at the core, me in this case, in order to adversely manipulate the will of many. All my efforts to expose this have been blocked; so, I find this agency to be the place where there are those whose profession it is to investigate problems of this nature and whose understanding of all these issues is acute and will not be deterred in the same manner used by the attorney and lead investigator with those before you, that you will easily recognize all constructs to deter you are simply the evidence to which I am alerting you. I also trust that as the US prosecutor during the Nuremburg trials noted, the intent of the articles created was not only for the present moment and crimes; but also for the future, in anticipation of the continued threat of Nazism and that no matter how unreasonable the crimes against humanity and peace appear when reported, no matter how large the scale – of collusion, misfeasance, malfeasance, corruption, aspects of lawlessness, improper practices, and activities to the detriment of the public necessary to determine changes needed, to quote from the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs – it would be addressed, exposed, and measures put in place to prevent those crimes and never lose sight of the threat of Nazism. Of concern during the Nuremburg trials was not only the difficulties in assessing the psychological aspects of Nazi propaganda and the success of denazification strategies, but also the lack of information from so many victims over the course of many years prior to, during, and after the 1940’s. Everyone – except those responsible for the 2010 design of the Nazi crimes referenced here – is a victim, and understanding the long term proliferation of Nazism and its propaganda tactics necessitates each victim being included in the assessment of the threat, completely unhindered from fear, the fear that I witness every day, the fear that the tenets of Nazi propaganda tactics intentionally create. Melanie van Kampen Hilton Head, SC 29928 Attempts to send this have been blocked. Anyone reading this is encouraged to share this. I do not use email.

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