A conference on social and labour rights for the 21st century – Alter Summit

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In October 2016, Alter Summit in collaboration with different partners* is organizing a European conference on social and labour rights. Through this activity and its elaboration process, we want to put the social question in the centre of the European public debate.

The conference is willing to define social and labour rights in the framework of a “democratic rebellion” in Europe, taking in account three fundamental transformations that questions these rights in our actual society: digitalization of the economy, migrations and the ecological transition.

Such ambitious objective needs the effective participation of our member organizations as well as near networks, movements and organizations. Through this participative process, we expect that social dynamics at local or sectorial levels could bring there knowledges and experiences.

Moreover, this process has to strengthen our dynamic of action beyond October 2016 and must be inserted in the movement of social change we are carrying.In order to discuss collectively these elements, we would like to invite you for:

Preparatory Meeting

Thursday 21 April, 10am – 2pm CCOO de CatalunyaVia Laietana 16 (Metro Pl. Jaume I) Floor 4, Room 43Agenda:− Presentation and discussion of the European conference project− Share of experiences on local/sectorial realities− How to go beyond a “conference” and associate local resistances against austerity

If you are planning to attend the preparatory meeting, please contact sebastian@altersummit.eu

* Transform, PlanB and Diem25 initiatives, trade unions networks

Source: A conference on social and labour rights for the 21st century – Alter Summit


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