PepsiCo squeezes workers in Pakistan and they need a hand from you!

PepsiCo workers in Pakistan are fighting for their rights and the company is responding by harassing and threatening union officers, pressuring workers to leave the union and creating a bogus union.

The International Union of Food Workers (IUF) has launched a classical campaign to support the workers.

Please take moment and read the workers’ stories in their own words as IUF publish them:

To send a message to PepsiCo, via official IUF system click here:

Alternatively, and most importantly please think of any creative and autonomous action, choose your own way, to support and give voice Pakistani workers’ cause.

Do feel and remember that millions of people every day being harassed by imperialist, capitalist, transnational corrupt corporations and their regional, national and local subsidiaries. Let’s make noise for and with fellow humans where ever they struggle.

In global and networked solidarity!

Fb: Social Network Unionism


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