Assange is well, alive, and set to join online tomorrow’s Technological Sovereignty and the Crisis of Capitalism event in Barcelona (8-9 December 2016)

The below event is a very important one itself. Yet what makes it extremely important is the fact that Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks being set to join the event online as a speaker.

As Independent reported about it below, just hours ago Wikileaks’ released full testimony of Julian Assange on the fake charges constructed on him, by the US and European ruling establishment:

Since there has not been any satisfactory information coming about Julian Assange’s conditions, as well as if the web site and social media accounts of Wikileaks are compromised or not, for more then a month, this appearance of today will be a relieve to many who worried for his health and the health of the Wikileaks.

The situation makes the tomorrow’s event an extremely informative and exciting one   now. In case there will be live streaming of the event, or any video records coming out from the event, we will share it and post links on social media. Viewers would have the chance to confirm about Assange’s health situation at least with thheir own eyes and ears in real time.

Here is the program of tomorrow’s event titled:

Technological Sovereignty and the Crisis of Capitalism

Event Details

Date: 8-9 December 2016

Schedule: 10:00am – 8:00pm
Event: Symposium (invitation only) and open community events Auditori Fundació Tàpies

Place: Carrer d’Aragó, 255, 08007 Barcelona, Spain


Welcome to the symposium of the Barcelona Initiative for Technological Sovereignty (BITS), a multidisciplinary effort to analyze and shape a technological agenda rooted in the ideals of democracy, solidarity, and autonomy.

Hosted by the City of Barcelona and bringing together leading thinkers about technology, cities, and geopolitics, BITS is a strategic partnership between Hans Crescent Symposium London, the Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3/UOC), the Institute of Government and Public Policy (IGOP/UAB), and a network of social movement activists and academics. It originates from the partners’ shared interest in developing a strategic vision of using advanced information technologies to benefit an alternative political, social, and economic agenda.


BITS will stimulate a global debate about the changing meanings of sovereignty and explore the ways in which various types of sovereignty – of citizens, cities, nation states, and regions – can still be maintained in today’s highly technological global conditions. With a strong focus on the political effects of technological change, BITS will explore how the rise of Technology platforms and the data extractivism they enable is transforming governments, labor, ownership, and access to the basics of life such as water, food, housing, and energy. This task is particularly important as the current political and economic regime reformulates itself around the rhetorical and practical kernel of digital technology, with a new mighty alliance between technology firms, global finance, and the military-industrial complex.


BITS’ initiatives include workshops, Symposiums, a series of monthly lectures and workshops linking researchers, grassroots, and public officials starting in 2017, and a Summer School in July 2017. Regular content will be produced and shared, including research briefings and news digests pertaining to the questions addressed by the initiative.

BITS seminars, work streams, and research lines are geared towards “what’s to be done?” sort of questions. Its members and audience include prominent academics, journalists, researchers, social movement activists, campaigners, entrepreneurs, and public officials from municipal and national governments in attendance. Thus, while BITS raises awareness and stimulates robust theoretical discussions, it also brings in and encourages concrete examples and suggestions for specific policy interventions in the political context.

Agenda DAY ONE 10:00




Francesca Bria, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Barcelona Roy Singham, Chairman ThoughtWorks
Evgeny Morozov, author

Keynote: Power, Economics and Crisis in the Era of Authoritarian Capitalism
Kees van der Pijl, Professor Emeritus, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex


Julian Assange, Founder and Editor Wikileaks

Session 1: The Geopolitics of Technology
Keynote: Dan Schiller, Emeritus Professor and Historian of Information and Communications, University of Illinois


Evgeny Morozov, author
Carlos Figueira, former Vice Minister of Technology, Venezuela

Open debate
Facilitator: Francesca Bria, CTIO Barcelona City Hall Note taker: Renata Avila, lawyer and activist

Lunch break

Session 2: The New Global Financial Architecture
Keynote: Andres Arauz, Minister of Talent and Knowledge, Ecuador


Brett Scott, journalist and researcher Ekaitz Cancela, journalist and author

Open debate
Facilitator: Jaromil,
Note taker: Anthony Arnove, ThoughtWorks

Coffee Break

Session 3: Automation, Labour Struggles and the Future of Work
Valery Alzaga, UNISON, London

Annette Muehlberg, Ver.di
Philipp Staab, Institute for the History and Future of Work

Open debate
Facilitator: Juha Leppänen, Demos Helsinki Note taker: Federico Primosig, BITS

Dinner with guests at Café Salambó (public event with Barcelona en comù and BITS communities)

Opening remarks

Gerardo Pisarello, First Deputy Mayor, Barcelona

Session 4: Transcending the State, Transcending Capitalism?

Keynote : Leslie Sklair, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, LSE Keynote : Temir Porras, SciencesPo, Paris School of International Affairs

Open debate
Facilitator: Evgeny Morozov, author Note taker: Arnau Monterde, UOC


Session 5: Elites and Power brokers

Keynote: Inderjeet Parmar, City University
Respondent: Kees van der Pijl, P rofessor Emeritus, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex

Open debate
Facilitator: Anthony Arnove, ThoughtWorks Note taker: Olga Coscodan, BITS

Lunch break

Session 6: Data Sovereignty and New forms of Democracy


Alex Hache, Donestech
Jonathan Gray, Open Knowledge Tamar Sharon, Maastricht University Paolo Gerbaudo, King’s College London

Open debate
Facilitator: Joan Subirats, IGOP Barcelona Note taker: Renata Avila, lawyer and activist

Closing Session and General Reflections

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