Marxian (Tektological) critical systems analysis of Antropocene, for the praxis of emancipatory exit from the global interregnum

The below trilogy is of an immense importance in terms of emancipatory praxis today. These three great books were written for the thinkers and builders of post-capitalist futures by Kenneth M. Stokes in the midst of neoliberal-postmodernist-globalization offensive, between 1992-96. Altough they have broke a ground by setting forward a synthetic Marxian-Bogdanovite approach to critical systems thinking, in order to provide a praxiological tool that would enable steer the social change in the age of complexity, control, and disintegration, from an emancipatory point of view, they have not been recognized and read as much as they deserved. Stokes’ work, for us, does not only provides hope and guidance to steer the world, hopefully safely, to a synthetic human civilization through a coevolutionary (cultural) political economy, he also marks the Bogdanovite Turn in the critique of global political economy, exactly century after Bogdanov did start making of his intervention.

1. Man and the Biosphere: Toward a Co-evolutionary Political Economy –

2. Paradigm Lost: Cultural and Systems Theoretical Critique of Political Economy –

3. A Metatheoretical Discourse: Epistemological, Procedural, and Methodological Issues in Political Economy:



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